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  • Model Monday’s: Danny Blake

    Model Danny Blake has a spotlight on him that will only get bigger as time goes on. Blake has a face...

    FashionVincent LaneMarch 20, 2017
  • Makeup Trends for Spring 2017

    Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to finally bring out those fun, flirty and vibrant colors we all...

    FashionJamila CheeMarch 16, 2017

    K”Can one show change the world” – Seth London #SHOOTSFIRED       As an empty theater fills ups, we wait...

    ArtSeth LondonMarch 14, 2017
  • Model Monday’s: Olantha Moran

    New to Fenton Moon, model Olantha Moran is ready to make her mark in the fashion industry. She’s walked in shows for...

    FashionVincent LaneMarch 13, 2017
  • Street Style of Paris Fashion Week ’17

    Everyone knows any prominent Fashion Week isn’t JUST about the runway, designers and their clothing lines. (Sorry guys) It’s about that street...

    CoutureJamila CheeMarch 10, 2017
  • Model Monday’s: Alexa Yudina

    Muse Model Management has a star on the rise with Russian model Alexa Yudina in my opinion. First, I have to...

    FashionVincent LaneMarch 6, 2017
  • Janelle, Janelle, JANELLE!!!

    So let me just start off by saying I just can’t even handle life right now…(in a good way)! As I...

    ArtJessica AtkinsFebruary 28, 2017
  • YEROC F/W 2017

    Corey Woods is one of the top high fashion designers curating luxury eye-wear and showcased YEROC F/W 2017 collection for New York...

    CoutureJamila CheeFebruary 28, 2017
  • Model Monday’s: Lera Kvasovka

    Lera Kvasovka had an outstanding New York Fashion Week this past season. Signed with APM Model Management, Premium Models, and Why...

    FashionVincent LaneFebruary 27, 2017
  • Irina Vitjaz FW17

    Irina Vitjaz FW17 was a sold out runway show during New York Fashion Week. The showcase was a series of evening and...

    FashionJamila CheeFebruary 24, 2017