Oakley Launches For The Love Of Sport Campaign

Oakley Launches For The Love Of Sport Campaign


Oakley launched ‘One Obsession’ collection during their For The Love Of Sport Campaign, declaring their commitment to sports and innovation.

The new campaign highlights the Team Oakley athletes’ dedication to sports and how their journeys have inspired the next generation of athletes.


Oakley transformed Bob Marley’s iconic song One Love “to inspire hope and positivity during a time of uncertainty by celebrating sport and…[to] enlighten and uplift,” a statement reads.

Oakley partnered with a powerful video filled with athletes perfecting their craft.

“Working with Oakley is a full-circle moment,” exclaimed DeShields. “At my brother’s baseball tournaments, Oakley always had stands and we used to buy glasses there all the time. It really brings me back to those summer days at the ballpark.”

Check out the campaign video below:


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