MARIA’S Technicolor Collection

MARIA’S Technicolor Collection


This afternoon, I was invited to preview MARIA’s latest Technicolor Collection, complete with gorgeous handbags and accessories. I must admit, returning to the ‘real world’ after the long holiday weekend with nothing but grey New York City skies, my mood was definitely drab. Upon entering the room, however, my day had instantly brightened. Now, I’m not sure if it was the colorful handbags, their supermodel founder Alida Boer, or just the fun atmosphere that turned my day right around.


For those who don’t know Alida Boer is the brand’s founder and former Miss Guatemala. A socially conscious brand, MARIA’S helps women in Guatemala from underdeveloped communities by providing training and fair jobs for their textile work. The brand marries traditional Guatemalan weave designs with modern handbag structures to create truly unique pieces that are not only one of a kind but absolutely stunning as well.


This season’s Technicolor Collection features designs ranging from bright florals, to fun geometric patterns and animals. The traditional weavings contrast beautifully with the modern leather and the impeccable details like the flawless  stitching, luxe purple suede lining and standout gold hardware on every piece. Adding to the collection this season, were brightly colored leather tassels and pompom charms adding fun and whimsy to each bag they adorned.

For me, owning a piece from MARIA’s is an absolute must! Handbags that look good and do good? Women helping women help women? Yes, yes please!

You can purchase your own one of a kind piece on their website:

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