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Noon by Noor SS18
NoonbyNoor_177NoonbyNoor_226NoonbyNoor_239NoonbyNoor_252NoonbyNoor_275NoonbyNoor_286NoonbyNoor_337NoonbyNoor_357NoonbyNoor_369NoonbyNoor_400NoonbyNoor_408NoonbyNoor_429NoonbyNoor_439NoonbyNoor_458NoonbyNoor_472NoonbyNoor_515 Photos by Ashley Gallerani
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  ext   This was  curated program with Saks and  WWD Editors who provided an uncut look at NYFW and recap the hottest collections, must-wear trends, and all the action from the runway. As well we heard about all the technology, social media and street style powering the NYFW scene.   IMG_4741  IMG_4745  IMG_4751 We need to  find ways to access price points to makes any style trendy and contemporary. One topic was the Power Dress: The Power dress is all about celebrating  what makes you feel powerful.  As week as what  really suits your personality and style.  We should find ways to play with clothing to try to involve it into our every day activities. A woman can still feel powerful and feminine in a suit. Accessories is alway a good way to make a trend and a way to balance the fashion.  Accessories can transform a look to day and night. The main take away from this panel was to change the way we shop and dress. Do not  save items for a special occasion . White is also a plus. It makes a look cooler. White updates an look and it can go with any thing.     
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Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. …