National Inclusion Week at La Boulangerie Boul’Mich™

National Inclusion Week at La Boulangerie Boul’Mich™

National Inclusive Employment Week is here! This event takes place from September 25th to October 1st. European bakery, La Boulangerie Boul’Mich celebrates this national event with their unique work environment.

Building a trusted workplace through diversity

Based in South Florida, La Boulangerie Boul’Mich bakery gives equal opportunities for all their employees since 1998. Human Resource Director, Hermes Gomez said, “Our mission at La Boulangerie Boul’Mich is clear: we believe that diversity is a strength. We go above and beyond to ensure that our team reflects the communities we are located in.” In addition to spreading inclusivity in the workplace, La Boulangerie Boul’Mich launches special fundraising events. For instance, from August 1st-September 30th, the bakery hosts the “Fill Their Mochilas” fundraising event through their partnership with Fundación Escuela. Hence, the money raised will give as many as 1,000 underprivileged children in Venezuela the school supplies they need.

Also, the bakery partners with Susan G Komen, an online foundation for breast cancer this October. The fundraising event is called, “Pink October.” This will raise money for breast cancer research. Also, the bakery will donate 10% of all their croissant sales to Susan G Komen. Thus, this event will start on October 1st-October 31st.

A food menu with France and Latin influences

In addition, La Boulangerie Boul’Mich has a wide breakfast and lunch menu committed to culture. With a mix of French and Latin inspirations, this bakery makes and sells many different pastries, croissants, empanadas, and sandwiches. For instance, the bakery’s breakfast menu includes their egg special known as the Huevos Rancheros. Other egg specials is the Feta Cheese Omelette, and the Egg Croissant Sandwich.

As for their lunch or brunch menu, the bakery serves salads such as, the Prosciutto Salad and the Smoked Salmon Tartare. Also included are toasts and sandwiches such as, the Caprese Avocado Toast and the Prosciutto and Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich. And they have empanadas such as, the Chicken Gourmet Empanada, and the Spanish Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Empanada.

Lastly, don’t let’s not forget the bakery’s dessert menu! For example, the bakery sells macarons, the almond and chocolate croissant, Tres Leches in a Jar, and Elephant Ears cookies. In other words, these are cookies in the shape of Elephant ears.

Above is a Guava and Cheese Croissant with powdered sugar by La Boulangerie Boul’Mich on Instagram: @laboulangerie_boulmich
Above is the Dulccino with an Elephant Ear on top, and a Nutccino. These were posted via Instagram: @laboulangerie_boulmich
Shown above is the Norwegian Eggs Benedict via Instagram: @laboulangerie_boulmich
Shown above is the Huevos Rancheros egg special via Instagram: @laboulangerie_boulmich

Check out this bakery’s seven locations!

  • First is La Boulangerie Boul’Mich Key Biscayne located at 328 Canyon Blvd, Suite 125, Key Biscayne, FL 33149
  • Second is Boulangerie Boul’Mich Aventura. Further, this is located at 20475 Biscayne Blvd, Suite G7-G8, Aventura, FL 33180
  • Third is La Boulangerie Boul’Mich Coral Way. Further directions for this is at 1242 Coral Way Miami, FL 33145
  • Fourth is La Boulangerie Boul’Mich Pinecrest. This is located at 8283 South West 124th Street,, Pinecrest, FL 33156
  • Fifth is La Boulangerie Boul’Mich Doral. In addition, the location is at 9690 North West 41 Street., Doral FL 33178
  • Sixth is La Boulangerie Boul’Mich Town Center at Boca Raton located at 6000 Glades Road, Suite 1048-A, boca Raton, FL 33431
  • And the final seventh is La Boulangerie Boul’Mich located at a kiosk at Town Center at Boca Raton. Further directions are at 6000 Glades Road in Boca Raton, FL 33431.

The meaning of the bakery’s title

Firstly, the word, “Boul’Mich” in the bakery’s name is a nickname for Boulevard St. Michael. This is located in what is known as the Latin district in Paris, France. What’s more, this district is known as a mass shopping area with bookstores, cafés, bakeries, and clothing.

Featured Image is courtesy of La Boulangerie Boul’Mich pr

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