Wild Rose and Sparrow Releases New SS24 Collection

Wild Rose and Sparrow Releases New SS24 Collection

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A fairy tale you can wear!

Wild Rose and Sparrow is a women-owned online clothing brand based in Montreal, Canada. The brand’s main designers, Ariana and Liana Dancu, specialize in dresses, skirts, bustiers, and corsets that match one’s fairy tale dreams. In addition, is hair and neck accessories such as, necklaces and bows.

All designs are eco-friendly and help rid of waste and overproduction by selling in small orders. What’s more, Wild Rose and Sparrow has different styles and collections perfect for any one searching for a fancy, enchanting gown with a daring edge! Some collections include the Shipwrecked Collection, the Sugarplum Fairy Collection, and the Rose Garden Collection. Thus, all these offer the experience of a fairy tale you can wear!

An intro to the Dark Fairy Tale collection

For Paris Fashion Week, Wild Rose and Sparrow introduces their new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Dark Fairytale. This delivers a spellbinding twist to the brand’s original soft and graceful style. Further, this collection unbinds the natures of grim fairy tales and dangerous beauty.

For instance, each dress design ranged from the colors of creamy ivory and peach, to bright shades of scarlet red, and ending with darker silks of raven and midnight black.

As for design, each dress is flowy, smooth, and hugs each figure just right. Thus, these styles support a romantic but daring feel.

In addition, the Dark Fairy Tale style collection will launch on the first week of October. Shoppers can log on to www.wildroseandsparrow.com and follow their two social media sites. Instagram: @wildroseandsparrow and TikTok: @wildroseandsparrow.

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