New Innovative Way of Shopping: Visore X

New Innovative Way of Shopping: Visore X

In January Visore X opened up their first website creating a new platform for shoppers and designers. The platform has in-house editorial products that you can buy off the website.

This new way of shopping gives power to the creatives. This attracts two types of consumers. The first is customers who want the content the website provides.  The other are those inspired by the designer brand and have a creative outlook.

“We design online-offline solutions, support brands with our tailored digital showroom, and highlight the value of content commerce with the fusion of our magazine-marketplace,” as stated on the website itself.

This website follows the idea of commerce and an online marketplace with a creative editorial eye. The website follows this outlook by being very content-driven.

The original idea for the company was for a QR code to be placed in hotels but when COVID hit the company decided to change its ideas to a virtual creative space.

Andrea Pérez, the visual coordinator sat down with the Garnette Report and explained the goal of the company and where the inspiration came from.

“We had gathered inspiration from a magazine and marketplace and not really replicate it but put it in an editorial design with all the product information. The objective is  to give power to designers and have a content section about the creatives in the industry and to learn about the designers and in power.”

The website feels new and refreshing proving a fresh out look at the fashion industry as a whole.


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