Mia Yarborough Is Her Own Brand

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In a previous article, The Garnette Report has got the chance to highlight the career and words of Javerick Jones, a division assistant in NYC. Although the fashion industry is not made only exclusively by creative people with original and artistic roles, fashion can’t function without talents with intersectional interests, passions, and talents. One of these multifaceted models is Mia Yarborough.

Mia Yarborough is her own special brand, through her jobs and hobbies. She is currently living in Los Angeles and is signed with State Management. Her works can be spotted on Vogue and many American brands, from high couture to streetwear – kawaii styles. You can follow and support Mia’s journey on Instagram as well as on Twitter. She’s also a poet and her work is here.

For The Garnette Report, Mia Yarborough shares with us her thoughts and views on the industry not only as a fashion model, but also as a writer, feminist, and mental health advocate.


Mia Yarborough

Fashion models have stigmas and stereotypes that the industry is trying to break down. Do you think that the fashion world is successful in doing so?

If I looked at the industry ten, twenty years ago compared to now I would definitely say the fashion world is taking strides to break stereotypes such as models not eating, being unintelligent, or just being one specific look. The industry is starting to showcase models as much more than just walking mannequins but people who are trying to make a difference in this world. For example, Ebonee Davis is not only a supermodel, but she uses her platform to speak about her spiritual journey, her nonprofit organization, and important issues happening all over the world. Thanks to social media, models aren’t just models anymore. We are activists, change-makers, educators, etc. The industry is finally accepting and showcasing what we can do to change history in more ways than one.

Mia Yarborough

Do you need to make a financial investment in order to become a model or a talent in the entertainment business?

When it comes to modeling you are your brand, so you want to invest in yourself constantly. You need a great makeup kit, hair care, and a wardrobe that really highlights your style. Modeling is a very visual market so clients/agents pay close attention to how you dress, your skin, your body, and your confidence. Another big thing to invest in is your inner health, having a great diet and being healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is just as important. Your inner beauty shines through so when you invest in your soul and mind your energy will reflect that. 

Mia Yarborough

Where and how do you think the industry is still lacking in terms of representation and diversity?

I believe the industry has definitely been taking strides to be more inclusive, but I do see where they are lacking. For example, high fashion brands still reserve the runway for tall, slender, primarily white models, and it would be refreshing to see more models of different heights, body shapes, and ethnic backgrounds grace the runways. It’s 2021, and we are still having headlines say “first ____ model…” of course it’s amazing to see more opportunities for models who aren’t the stereotype, but I think it’s time the industry breaks down these barriers faster. Versace, for example, just had their first plus-size POC models walk their runway and I hope that soon other high fashion brands follow suit. Diversity should be celebrated and showcased in all lights, and I hope to see more of it on billboards, runways, and Vogue covers.

Do you feel respected by the industry and your colleagues?

I do feel like I am respected by my colleagues, I put a lot of effort and time into my craft and they see that. As far as the industry as a whole? Of course, I am a supermodel so why wouldn’t I.

Mia Yarborough

If fashion wouldn’t be part of your world, what would you be doing right now?

If I wasn’t in the fashion world I would be an actress. Acting is probably my first love, I started acting on accident when I was really young. I would act out my favorite movies and even my storybooks then eventually I started doing school plays. I would love to do movies and tv shows one day, that’s always been a big goal of mine.

Mia Yarborough

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