Being A Division Assistant, With Javerick Jones

Being A Division Assistant, With Javerick Jones

“I work in fashion” is one of the vaguest phrases that anyone in the fashion industry could ever say. The general public sees the fashion industry as a space for only creative roles – stylists, designers, models, etc. However, there are many more jobs and spaces, besides sets, warehouses, and studios, where the people in fashion can contribute to making magic happen, the results everyone sees on billboards, screens, and print.

On the administrative side, there a few roles that the industry benefits from their hard work and dedication. One of these jobs is the role of division assistant.

Atlanta native Javerick Jones is a Women and Men division assistant Q Model Management. Currently based in New York City, Javerick shares with The Garnette his thoughts on how it is like to do the job he does.


Please, introduce yourself to the readers at Garnette. What do you do at your job at Q Model Management?

My job consists of coordinating polaroid/video shoots for models, scanning, and retouching images. I’m in charge of designing New York Fashion Week packages, maintaining model portfolios, casting books, and social media accounts. I execute administrative office duties and run errands. I also prepare and manage models US visa applications, as well as coordinate open/scheduled model open calls.

What keeps you motivated/inspired in this role as a Division’s Assistant?

It’s the team of bookers, directors, and countless models that keep me motivated. Even though it’s a business, I try to make each day exciting as the next.

What kind of skills is necessary for your position?

A lot of multitasking! Keen personality and willing to learn as you go! But if you’re proficient in basic Apple/PC, Photoshop, and photography, etc.—you’re in!

How do you choose the best modeling agency to work in?

The modeling industry is so competitive in terms of choosing the best faces that would grab the attention of casting directors/designers – I would go with an agency with the best models.  Also, make sure you choose the best team that would help elevate you to the next position in your fashion career as well.

What’s the environment at Q Model Management?

Q  is a family-oriented environment. Not only for the team but the models as well. We’re all about establishing relationships with all our models because were managing and developing their careers on a constant basis.

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