Gentleman, Walk into Summer with Style!

Gentleman, Walk into Summer with Style!

Style is everything. Each piece of fabric, accessory and material says a little something about who you are. Starting from ground up, the shoe has a powerful statement to make about your style. How you walk in it with your individual swag carries your essence from place to place and leaves an impression on people who interact with you. When you walk into an event, people will welcome you by acknowledging how you’re dressed and the boldest item that leaves the most memorable image in people’s minds are your shoes.

Gentleman, knowing yourselves and expressing yourselves are essential to grabbing attention from women. If you love red and find a pair of suede loafers in your favorite color then get them! If you like leather in the right shapes and sizes, make it work for you. However you present yourself with confidence in your own preferences will attract the opposite sex instantly! Always be true to your own style.

Casual can state something huge depending on how you dress with it. You can rock the next best low top sneaks with a sleek blazer and look fly! You can go for an airy summer feel with espadrilles and loosely fitted linen pants with a white tee, adding charisma to your name as you walk near a beach or at a park in the city. Your shoes are the frame of the picture!

This season there are a wide variety of options in stores everywhere to keep or cultivate your sense of style. Here are a few favorites for some inspiration!

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