Cube Art Fair: Emerging Contemporary Art in the Streets of New York

Cube Art Fair: Emerging Contemporary Art in the Streets of New York

Gregory Vogelsang, Belgian gallery owner of Vogelsang Gallery hosted the third edition of the Cube Art Fair this year held at the gallery space designed by Zaha Hadid on W.27th street by the High Line Nine. June 7th was the opening day and many people showed up to check out the magnificent artwork on display. People from all over the world were there to present: Israel, Italy, France, and Belgium, along with local fashion and art experts to cheer on the celebration of both established and new artists alike.

Among these artists was Antoine Verglas, David Drebin, Justin Bower, Desire Obtain Cherish, Carine Doutrelepont, Jane Fleetwood-Morrow, and Troy House.

Distorted art forms, circular motions, epic photography, and vivid sculpting surrounded the first floor, electrifying the building with inspiration. Each artist was enjoying the atmosphere with a glass of wine, expressing the vision of their artwork with collectors and enthusiasts, not only showing their piece but a piece of their personality to go along with the demonstration.

The Exhibition is from June8th-30th. To give you a glimpse, here are a few works that were exhibited that night. With such emerging talent, I definitely recommend you check it out!



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