Ukrainian Fashion Brands to Know and Support

Ukrainian Fashion Brands to Know and Support

Featured Image: PASKAL

On Monday, the U.S. State Department has stated that Russia’s war aims to annex Donetsk and Luhansk as early as mid-May, The New York Times reports. The U.S. Sentate is preparing to take up President Biden’s $33 billion aid package for Ukraine. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain is expected to address Ukraine’s parliament on Tuesday and is suspected to call this Ukraine’s “finest hour”. 

The list of luxury brands that have shut down business in Russia has continued to grow longer, including Burberry, Chanel, LVMH (126 brands), Kering, Hermés, and Richemont. Brands have cited their deep concern regarding the current situation in Ukraine with Chanel going so far as to restrict sales to Russian customers outside of the country. 

While there is fear and desperation, there is hope, purpose, and pride. In an Instagram post from Kachorovksa, the Ukrainian capital, one of the Ukrainian brands represented in New York wrote: “Despite everything, we stay focused and continue living our lives. We need your support now more than ever. We call on the world community to continue communication with Ukraine at all possible levels. Your support on raising the awareness of war, buying goods made in Ukraine, supporting Ukrainian volunteers and army, and informing at all scales are the steps needed as air.” 

For months, Ukrainians in the industry have joined forces to share information. In March, the Ukrainian founder of 1Granary, which promotes burgeoning talent, released a letter to the fashion industry titled “Fashion United Against War,” in which she asked the industry to use their platforms to spread awareness and help Ukrainians. It read: “Fashion has power. Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry with gigantic cultural, economic, and even political influence. In times of crisis, it’s easy to dismiss that power, to call it superfluous, frivolous, tone-deaf, hypocrite, or non-essential. But our supply chains connect countries across the globe, our media reach masses of followers everywhere, our shared language of creativity is universal. We are an industry bursting with talent, skills, networks, and connections. Those tools can always improve the lives of people around us — whether it’s on a large scale or an intimate one. Wherever you are today, don’t turn your back, don’t close your eyes. We ask the fashion community and influential fashion houses, in particular, to not be silent, use their platforms, and offer hands-on help…FASHION UNITES AGAINST WAR!”

Below, meet some Ukrainian brands that you can support.


BEZVA was founded in 2006, with an approach of less is more and luxury. It delivers clean silhouettes and soft color palettes, redefining refined minimalism. They emphasize their belief in the importance of ethical attitudes towards nature and production — ”For this reason, we design high quality products made to last using carefully considered materials and techniques. Our eco-friendly digitally printed coats are the new alternative to fur. And certain knitted pieces are made of recycled plastic and leftovers of fabric.” Shop here.



Established in 1957, Kachorovska has experience in hand making shoes and modern technologies, experimenting with forms, lines, and materials. In 2013, the brand would release its own model line of shoes and handbags, now being run by third generation co-owner and CEO, Alina Kachorovska. The company’s mission is to give people “the experience of happiness,” selling affordable luxury and timeless shoes, in comfortable, temperate design with unexpected accents and natural materials. Shop here

Lake Studio

Designer duo Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova focus on Italian and Japanese fabrics of exceptional quality. The brand seeks to emphasize exclusive prints, collaborations with artists, artisanal crafts, and unique stories. Aside from its womenswear collections, Lake Studio creates lavish jewelry pieces made with luxurious cuts. Visit their website here


PASKAL, known for its minimalist aesthetic which echoes sentiments found in architecture and modern culture processes, was founded in 2010 by Julie Paskal. Laser cutting is at the core of the brand’s DNA, resulting in sensitive design. Paskal was invited to show at Pitti W in 2014 and was a finalist for the 2014 LVMH Prize. She launched PASKAL in 2013. In 2016, Paskal’s collection would be featured in the window displays at Colette Paris and would then become a participant in Paris Fashion Week. Shop here

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