Zankov Is Evolving Knitwear Through Boldness and Flexibility

Zankov Is Evolving Knitwear Through Boldness and Flexibility

Founded by Henry Zankov, the textile brand Zankov is a knitwear-based body of work that emphasizes movement, hue, and shapes to create a visual language in the world of fashion. Through graphic expressions and well-crafted fibers intertwined with yarn, a sense of minimalism is embedded within the process. 

Elements of superb alpaca with a combination of cashmere mixtures varying from horizontal knitting to jacquards mark the identity of Zankov. With the careful inspection of every intricate detail, the designer is sure to make sure that the inside and outside are equally made to perfection. 

Inspired by life, art, color, architecture, sports, and more, Zankov works to explore the fluidity in a way that is clear and free to bring a fresh, playful, and clean to women’s and men’s knitwear. Henry Zanhov aims to create a timeless conversation of curiosity and expression for everyone to discover further in-depth. 

Behind The Brand

Back in February 2020, the designer launched the brand and instantly kicked off the ground with a captivating, elegant touch to knitwear. For the designer, it’s more than just serving looks, but giving the people timeless pieces they will cherish forever.

The brand opens a new perspective of how people can embrace class with streetwear by being genderless and utilizing a variety of graphic designs, patterns, vibrant colors, and color blocking. By allowing this signature to speak for itself, the high-quality materials and knit process help to add more value to the piece. 

Almost all of his designs involve the mixing of highly saturated colors to bring a playful feel with the use of natural textiles that include alpaca, cashmere, wool, and merino. 

This past fall the designer took a warner approach while still making sure to include those saturated colors and checkered patterns in sweater vests, crewnecks, turtle neck jumpers, and even cardigans. 

As for this spring, the designer decided to branch out and become more organic in materials such as repurposed materials and sustainable cotton. This collection of work is seen to mark the growth of the brand overall given the expansion in silhouettes and designs. The aura for pieces in this collection is composed of hand-painted, screen-printed button-downs, boxy cotton polos, and oversized shirts to mimic the 1950’s aesthetic. 

Henry Zankov is making efforts for his name and aesthetic to be remembered for generations to come through a spark of color and endless high-quality materials. 

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