The All American Shoe Hunter’s New Additions

The All American Shoe Hunter’s New Additions

Hunter’s SS22 Commando Collections

Hunter has released two new evolutions in its classic boot lines, the Commando Chelsea and Canvas Desert Commando boots. Presented in both women’s and men’s styles, these new footwear additions are perfect for anyone to explore the world outdoors. Whether hiking during the summer months or splashing in puddles during spring, the Hunter SS22 Commando collection is your fashion-forward All-American shoe. The release occurred at the perfect time with boots being a 2022 footwear trend.

Hunter’s history is protection, and it is imperative for the brand to protect and care for the environment and global community. In fulfillment of their pledge that 65% of the brand’s collection will incorporate FSC®-certified rubber, BLOOM algae foam, or recycled textiles, each shoe contains vegan and natural material. The handcrafted Commando Chelsea and Canvas Desert boots use raw vegan rubber, recycled polyester, and natural cotton.

Old vs. New

The Commando Chelsea boot is a trendier remix of the Hunter original Chelsea boot. The original shoe has a broader ankle circumference and polyester lining. The new and improved Commando boot has a slim fit that makes it more identical to the trendy Chelsea boot, comes further up the leg at 15mm (0.59”), and has a recycled polyester lining and insole. Besides these new features, the Commando Chelsea boot still has appreciated the original Chelsea boot features.

The Canvas Desert Commando boot is not a remix but an extension of Hunter’s outdoor boots. The insulated Commando boot is a cold-weather boot made for frigid temperatures and the outdoors. They are 100% waterproof and insulated to keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -22°C (-8°F). Contrarily, the Canvas Desert boot is an everyday shoe made for the warmer months. It has a waterproof lower and outsole made of breathable cotton to keep feet cool during warmer temperatures and insulated during cooler weather. The design is also much trendier than the utility look of the Commando boot.

The great thing about these shoes is the modernized look allows you to style them like any standard boots.

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