AKNVAS Fall Winter 2022 Collection

AKNVAS Fall Winter 2022 Collection

AKNVAS Fall/ Winter 2022 collection designed by Christian Juul Nielsen debuted last Monday at Spring Studios. In the Sunken Living Room at Spring Studios, the show featured five models wearing a mix of bold woven garments and creatively tailored pieces. The show was accompanied by a live DJ performance from Mona Matsuoka.

The Women’s Collection

Photo: AgnetryPR

Sasha Pivovarova modeled the women’s clothes for the collection look-book. Martin Keenan shot the looks for the women’s collection. As for the garments in the collection, there are 25 stunning and very current designs.

Nielsen created 25 intricate and exciting looks in the women’s collection. Including a mirrored, disco-ball turtleneck, pant, and jacket ensemble. Additionally, the rest of the looks are a mix of comfy, chunky knitted sweaters, and fun leather pieces.

As styled in the look-book the iridescent, mirrored pieces can be paired with the other tamer pieces in the collection. These garments show off beautiful spring colors like light violet, vibrant green, punchy orange, and muted blue. The colors and material used for this collection make the pieces extremely versatile and easily styled.

The Men’s Collection

Photo: AgentryPR

Similarly, the AKNVAS men’s collection debuted along with the women’s at Spring Studio. However, the men’s lookbook was shot by photographer Chris Fucile.

To make the collection truly cohesive, the men’s look-book showed off a matching men’s disco-ball outfit. Also, the colors and knitted trends seen in the women’s looks make an impact on the men’s clothing.

The look-book features men styled in chunky knits, maroon puffer jackets, and even a yellow quilted jacket. While the disco-inspired pieces are the most eye-catching garments, the leather shorts in the men’s collection are show-stopping.

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