KEVAN HALL: Trading Post!

KEVAN HALL: Trading Post!

Featured Image: Kevan Hall

NEW YORKKevan Hall brought Halston to its former glory during his time as Design and Creative Director from Fall 1998-2000. In 2000, he launched his own ready to wear line. After a 20 year hiatus, Hall returned to New York Fashion Week to show his second collection since the recess he took. 

Titled “Trading Post,” the collection brought Hall’s sophisticated elegance and modern silhouettes back to life. Beginning with day dresses, the collection turned to sharp, tailored pieces and evening wear. Inspired by Arabesque fabrics, its set in a Moroccan and Middle Eastern furniture and antiques warehouse. 

It focused on the Islamic Golden Age, transporting the audience to the intersection of a different time and place. Through its usage of regional fabrics, it accomplished the goal of imagining a “burgeoning time when travelers would meet to exchange wares, folklore, and to buy and sell exquisite textiles from Mali to Morocco.” His school of design and thought reinterpreted glamour and interpretive art. 

Regional fabrics were luxurious in texture. Rich jacquards, metallic Arabesque matelassé, brocades and prints painted a picture of an interwoven story. The color palette “[grounds itself] in rich and saturated pigments accented with blackened gold and copper metallics in the details.” 

A digital film opened with beautiful shots of artwork and a scripture, introduced the collection. Then, a spoken passage from Isaiah 60:9 read, “Surely the isles and distant lands shall wait for Me. The ships of Tarshish shall come first, bringing their children from afar, with their silver and gold.” 

Hall introduced to pieces inspired by Northern Africa. Among them, Calvary twill sheaths, tapestry coats with brown shearling, Tibetan lamb trump and a fil coupe dress draped in a hi-o gown. Additionally, there was a rich and gold silk metallic belted trapeze jumpsuit. Cocktail dresses and side cut gowns. A brown shearling cape. Zebra print in a cut-out sheath and an asymmetric tuxedo jacket with a bootleg pant. 

Finally, the show closed with a blackened sequin diamond side cut gown. 

The Collection

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