SZA x Crocs Collab For Two New Crocs

SZA x Crocs Collab For Two New Crocs

SZA x Crocs, Photo By Sage Adams

SZA and Crocs have collaborated for the “wear with literally everything” collection. The singer-songwriter’s collaboration features a custom woodgrain pattern on the Crocs Classic Clog and the Classic Slide. She has also curated a collection of Jibbitz. Moreover, the SZA x Crocs collaboration includes a teeny-tiny evil eye, a little Earth, an asthma pump, a mushroom, and an amethyst.

SZA x Crocs and Mental Health Awareness Month

“A Comfortable Mind Deserves Comfortable Shoes” is one of the taglines for the new collection. In light of mental health awareness month, SZA and Crocs came together with social advocates (SZA’s Superheroes!), bringing attention to mental health and self-care. To kick off mental health awareness month the two partnered with three people that advocate for Black mental health and positive change in their community and around the world. Crocs donated to three organizations of their choosing that provide and/or fund mental health support to individuals in need.

SZA’s three superhero friends are Yaris Sanchiz, Sage Adams, and Donté Colley. Sanchez is a native of The Dominican Republic, raised in New York City. She is a proud mother of one. She also encourages young women to be their most authentic selves, while also challenging societal norms. Adams is a Brooklyn Artist that got their start on Tumblr as a young Black person blogging about politics, art, and boy bands. She is also a passionate learner, a staunch advocate for Black mental health, and determined to make sure the next generation has access to art and its joys. Colley is a Multimedia Artist and Motion Designer. Equally important, he creates the meaningful conversation through digital media. In addition, he utilizes love as an impetus for change.

Details of the Collection

The SZA x Crocs Classic Clog puts the artists’ personality on top with colorful Jibbitz charms, showcasing the world of SZA. The Positively Cosmic SZA x Crocs Classic Slide fits your feet with socks on or toes out. In addition, they are loaded with bright inspiring Jibbitz as well. Both styles have a woodgrain pattern. Furthermore, the collection is available for sale now on the Crocs website.

Photo By Sage Adams

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