Made in Italy: Getting to Gucci

Made in Italy: Getting to Gucci

Marco Rubino, Rome

Italy is known for its huge presence in food culture and of course, designer fashion. Even if your sartorial knowledge isn’t very sharp, there is a lot to appreciate and recognize about one brand in particular — Gucci. You’ve seen your favorite celebrities rocking the colorful and unique pieces and the iconic Gucci belts, but you’ll never see it in its most authentic and beautiful form, like you will in Italy. 


Guccio Gucci began his career by learning about fabulous luggage as a bellhop at the Savoy Hotel in London. Upon learning about the traveling standards of the wealthy, he set to work on designing luggage that was both fashionable and fitting to travel needs. He launched the brand in Florence in 1921. After Gucci died in Milan in 1953, the brand continued its upward mobility to becoming a well-known luxury brand. 

Fine Italian leather is a sought after commodity all around the world. Throughout the years, Gucci has unveiled classic upscale pieces made from the finest materials. From men’s and women’s clothing to fragrances and handbags, they’re one of the most recognizable logos and names that come to mind when you think about a life of luxury. A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Gucci. 


It’s a trend that will never go away, and a staple of Italian culture. If you need one more reason to visit Italy, the Gucci Museum is located inside the 14th-century Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence. The Gucci Garden has responded to COVID-19 restrictions by offering virtual tours of the rooms, objects, and exhibitions in the space. Travel brings you closer to culture, and fashion is a large part of culture. There is no better way to understand the finer things in life, than to see where they originally came from. Bon Voyage!

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