Anne Klein Spring 2021

Anne Klein

Anne Klein Spring 2021

The brand presents its digital Spring 2021 fashion show. The collection highlights what inclusivity and personality mean to the Anne Klein’s kind of woman.

American brand Anne Klein  presented its Spring 2021 collection online on Runway 360, the space provided by CFDA on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 16th. The fashion show consisted in a short movie of a little bit longer than three minutes. There was no creative plot, but rather a transparent conversation between models.

Fashion at its most candid is the theme at the centre of this collection. The topic connects the idea of inclusivity and vulnerability, which are portrayed by the words of the models. Throughout the video they are asked mundane questions that navigate their personal views and lives, putting them under a different kind of spotlights that goes beyond the fashion lenses.

By showcasing the pieces (20) in this casual interview format, the brand utilizes the powerful imagery of BTS (behind the scenes pictures) and sets in motion an interactive and insightful conversation between clients and models. This approach gives a unique chance to the models to not only be fashion talents, but also role models and protgonist of their own lives, with real dreams, aspirations, and needs.

Red and white dominate this collection, with a splash of baby and salmon pink that separates the deep contrast between the two strong colors and their depths. Black is also part of the collection.

The classic cuts and lineages of the pieces are the trademark of the brand. Comfort and minimalism are mixed and become an approriate and united ensamble.

The fashion designer and businesswoman, who died in 1974, still holds a valuable seat at the table with her famous quote: Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will. With this philosophy, the brand pushes a message of quality and luxury proper for independent women.




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