Travis Hamilton on his brand Negris Lebrum

Travis Hamilton on his brand Negris Lebrum

Followed by its digital debut during NYFW, Negris Lebrum’s CEO and designer Travis Hamilton speaks on his brand and its messages. During uncertain times filled with pioneer-oriented ideas and entrepreneurial mindsets, Travis finds a way to maintain a style that inspires his clients and potential buyers. It is time to focus on the future, without forgetting the past and not living the present.

  • Negris Lebrum comes from a love story between a light-skinned Creole woman and a handsome African American man. Set in the 1940s, that’s one of the first stories of integration and inclusivity in modern Black American History. How does this story translate into your clothes and collections?

I created the brand around these three phrases “loved by many, admired by all, elegantly perceived”.  Ultimately we focus on the elegantly perceived which shapes the brand mission and the esthetics of each collection. 

  •  For this latest collection, there are four major patterns, all resembling classical and feminine roles. Who’s or what is your inspiration for your designs?

The inspiration of this collection was old personal experiences and the true meaning of the Negris love story that love conquers all. Our music selection for each collection always plays a major role in shaping each look.

  •  What are some of the fashion models you get inspired from?

Mrs. Negris LeBrum herself was a melting pot of many backgrounds. I try to base the Negris LeBrum woman on the word ELEGANCE. I don’t focus on race, but I know those characteristics can be found in every race and community. So I look for models that wear the clothes well.

  •  How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

COVID impacted us in two ways. First, financially it wasn’t the best past two seasons, whereas spring/summer 2020 didn’t happen. Second, The positive for the brand was having time to rethink the process, reflect on how a love story created a brand with twelve T-bishirts. So I refine the process that got us to this point with bigger goals and objectives added. 


  •  NYFW happens to fall during Black History Month. (Now more than any other times, it is our duty as Black creatives to spread awareness about our issues and be much more engaged in civic conversations). Do you consider it a right or a duty to showcase a collection with a specific theme that sparks a connection between creativity and the African diaspora?

I think every design house is a reflection of their creator’s heritage, racial background or culture and it shows in everyone’s collections. The Negris LeBrum tag line is “Le Noir est Joli” Black is Beautiful; the color black is the most predominantly used color in fashion. I would like to show the world that the color black is beautiful beyond fashion. 

You can find the Negirs Lebrum latest Fall/Winter collection here.

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