Grammys Runway Looks– 20 years Apart

Grammys Runway Looks– 20 years Apart

The Grammys are the perfect time for popular recording artists to step out onto that red-carpeted runway and visually impress, rocking expensive outfits and being seated among legendary musical giants in what is one of the most popular music award ceremonies in the world. A fresh new look at what clothes can be, the fashion of the Grammys have always provided audiences with a relaxed yet expensive vibe that means business and is effortlessly dazzling. 

With the 2023 Grammy Award ceremony recently taking place, as well as the slow resurgence of Y2K fashion trends, it brings to mind just how different current Grammy looks must be from 20 years ago. But how many of these changes have been good, which have been bad– and what fashion trends have somehow stayed around?


Photo By Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

We all remember the grungy look that dominated early 2000s costume culture. Converse with knee high socks and short shorts, camouflage colored everything, and blazers. And where can one of the prime examples of this type of style be seen? Look no further than the 2003 Grammys. 

Case in point: Avril Lavigne (pictured above). Rocking a long-sleeved button-up shirt with oversized slacks, converse, and a black blazer that says ‘Rock On’ (because of course), Lavigne is in her element as a pop-punk star– and wears the outfit to prove it. For the most part, grunge is dead; but edgier looks can be found even 20 years later on the runway. Take Kim Petras and Sam Smith, for example– who wore the most devious red Valentino outfits. This could possibly be in reference to their newest song “Unholy” (pictured below).

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Feathers & Fur

As it stands, feathers and fur are here to stay for the Grammys. Seemingly dominating the market in 2003, with artists such as Eartha, Bootsy Collins, Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper (pictured below) all wearing it in some form in their outfits, it’s still somehow sticking around on the current Grammys Runway. 

Photo By Gregory Pace/ FlmMagic inc.

Though not nearly as prevalent as before, some artists– such as Kasey Musgraves– are keeping the tradition alive. Musgraves (pictured below) wears a lavish marabou cape over a simple pink bodysuit.

Photo By Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Define suits in one word? Timeless. Suits are everywhere, all of the time: at the Oscars, the Met, the Golden Globes. The list of places where suits dominate is everlasting, and on it with the other award ceremonies is the Grammys. For instance, a monochromatic suit–- or a more colorful suit like the one Raphael Saadiq wore in 2003 below, are still popular. Yes, even now, you can surely find an artist wearing a suit in a Grammys ceremony.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

This is another trend that has yet to fade out, and likely never will. Clean and dynamic, a suit can elevate the entire look of someone and leave them with a professional appearance perfect for an event like the Grammys (including Jack Harlow, pictured below.)

Photo by Lester Cohen/ Getty Images

Ball Gowns

What kind of world would it be if we included the timeless suit, but not the similarly timeless ball gown? Almost disappearing in the 2003 Grammys, with many women swapping skirts with pants and bodices with shirts, (with one exception being Aretha Franklin [pictured below], who wore the striking dress seen here on the 2003 red carpet), but they made a sudden and well-welcomed resurrection at the 2023 Grammys.

Photo By R. Diamond/WireImage

Many artists now have swapped the fashion freedom found in early 2000s outfits for a sleeker, more refined look, and a perfect, surefire way to reach that look can be found in a majestic ball gown that sweeps the floor and lights up the room. Now gone are the ripped lace dresses and Adidas sportswear, the Grammys red carpet now houses dresses much like the one Cardi B wears below, courtesy of Gaurav Gupta.

Photo By Michael Buckner/Getty Images

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