Fashion Looks at the 2023 Grammy Awards

Fashion Looks at the 2023 Grammy Awards

The 2023 Grammy awards were a time for celebration, record-breaking; and, as usual, amazing outfits. Sexy, stunning, and in some cases multicolored, musicians took to the Grammys and made it their own. However, some looks thrived more than others, and some were just plain flops.

Stunning Looks of the Night

For the most part, the attire was simple: Dresses, gowns, and suits. It’s all about streamlined looks for the Grammys, chic and formal while still being avant-garde. Artists like Lizzo (below), who wore a Dolce and Gabbana gown, added spins to what would otherwise be simple designs. Others, like Beyonce, thrived in simple, elegant dresses. In Beyonce’s case, it was a callback to the classic little black dress that Chanel popularized. 

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To put it simply, the dress code was ‘classical’, and for the most part, people delivered. The favorite look of the night is Cardi B’s Gaurav Gupta gown (pictured below).

The look took the entire internet by storm and had people raving about the design of Cardi’s gown. It’s like something you’d see a classic Hollywood actress wear– sans the slips of skin seen in the Gupta dress. Its a reminder, letting viewers know that even though the dress may be elegant, it’s still aware of current trends. It was, in the simplest terms, an effortless slay.


Another check for the best dressed list? Simple. Doja Cat, in a custom Versace vinyl dress with earrings and gloves to match, was a dark whirlwind on the red carpet– and audiences loved it. Take this Twitter user for instance, who said that a Doja/Versace combo is “always such a serve.” We at the Garnette Report couldn’t agree more.

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The Worse Looks

But, some musical artists fumbled the bag in regards to the dress code, and left people bored– with some laughing at their looks as they were revealed. And who best to describe this but Harry Styles, who graced the red carpet with his presence– and an Egonlab jumpsuit with 250,000 Swarovski crystals. Despite the jumpsuit’s crystals, people were quick to joke about the outfit, with someone saying that Harry looked like the popular Cousin It from “The Addams Family”, and another stating that someone needs to “take away Styles’ jumpsuit privileges.

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Another flop comes from Bad Bunny, whose performance outfit was very… normal, which was a disappointment when compared with other, more ornate Grammy outfits (such as Anderson Paak’s floral suit, and Miguel’s denim ensemble.) Bad Bunny managed to pull off the outfit and give a wonderful performance, but the look in and of itself was lacking when compared to other artists who performed on the Grammy stage.

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