‘Man On The Street” But Make It Fashion

‘Man On The Street” But Make It Fashion

Fashionistas have a new way of discovering the who, what, and wear of their favorite fashion capitals, thanks to Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. The trend consists of brave content creators roaming the streets of New York City, Paris, Milan, London, and chasing down fashionable pedestrians for a brief, on-the-spot interview about their outfits.

Street-style interviews have grown in popularity over the last five years. While we’ve been seeing celebrities ask other celebrities who they’re wearing on the red carpet for decades, the ease of creating engaging content through social media has brought a surge in citizen journalism, even in fashion.


A Youtube search of “What everyone is wearing in New York” will likely produce a myriad of videos from the profile KarenBritChick. Karen Blanchard is a British fashion blogger currently living in New York City. She began her YouTube series, which she now dubs “Street Style,” in 2019 by documenting summer trends. The videos would continue almost monthly, capturing the essence and eccentricity of New York City streetwear. Blanchard also does Street Style videos and shorts in Paris and Milan as she travels the world for fashion week. 

Across All Platforms

While Blanchard’s videos receive the most traction on Youtube, countless content creators have jumped on the trend, like Youtuber Starlinc, or user dvdoublevanilla, a contributor to the amass of such videos on TikTok. Some creators have gone even more location-specific, interviewing students at the Fashion Institute of Technology and attendees during global Fashion Week events. 


These videos are typically fun and lighthearted, as is the clothing much of the time. In a good street-style video, the interviewee will hopefully reveal where they purchased their outfit and the source of inspiration behind it. This online trend works to better serve the fashion community through a sense of mutual appreciation and connectedness.

Featured image by: instagram.com/karenbritchick

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