Shoes For all Occasions: ED Hennings Co.

The perfect shoe: Ed Henning Co creates shoe for all occasions The perfect shoe is having arrived Ed Henning co create shoe for all occasions from work to play.

Shoes For all Occasions: ED Hennings Co.

Ed Hennings co creates shoe for all occasions

Ed Henning Co shoes was design for everyday man  go from 9-5 to happy hour and beyond. The stylish brand all-purpose shoe is making head way in the fashion industry.

perfect shoes has arrived Ed Henning co create shoe for all occasions from work to play.

The Perfect shoes have arrived! Ed Henning Co. creates shoes for all occasions from work to play. The shoe collection was designed for everyday men. Ed Henning, a profound businessman, has created a shoe that is perfect for the everyday man. Ed Henning Co’s shoe collection was designed for the everyday man, from 9-5 to happy hour and beyond. The stylish, all-purpose shoe is making headway in the fashion industry, making its debut on its online store and currently being sold at the mall. To learn more about the brand and the man behind the brand, we sat down with Ed Henning to learn all things Ed Henning Co.

Zoe: When did your interest in fashion begin?

Ed Hennings: I am from the hip hop era you know the kid and play, Kwame back in those days. So, I have been interested in fashion since I kid with a high-top fade and all that stuff going on.

Zoe: So hip-hop inspired your interest in fashion. That’s amazing. Where are you from originally?

Ed Hennings: I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Zoe: Wow, did that have any influence on your taste in fashion?

Ed Hennings: Most definitely, being from Milwaukee was a unique situation because it has its own style, whether it’s music, fashion, or culture. Milwaukee is a little bitty city in America, more midsize I would say, but it has its own going on in there and I am going to bring it to the world.

 Zoe: How did you break into the shoe industry?

Ed Hennings: Just knowing a bit of my background story from 1996 to 2016, I served time in prison. I spent 20 years in prison. And I wanted to turn my life around and that attitude started in prison. I would talk to the other guys in there, just inspiring the guys in there with me to just believe in themselves. “Like hey, we made decisions, we made some choices, but we are better than this though and we can do better.” That was ministry. I spent my 20 years motivating and inspiring the guys right in front of me. When I came home in my first year, I opened up my first business, which was a barbershop and beauty salon. Shortly after that, a guy sat in my chair and told me about the trucking industry and immediately I have been in the trucking industry for about 5 years. I was looking for my endeavor. How do I level up? Because the way I look at it, having a barbershop had a major impact on my family – they were happy I was home starting my first business and then when I started my trucking company that affected my community, I started to get more recognition in my community, but the shoes are going to take me global, the shoes are to take me to where I can impact the world. A good friend of mine at the time (the friend is now my girlfriend) was the first to mention shoes to me. She told me I should get into the shoe industry and it stuck with me. I thought about what I had with my shoes in my barbershop and the issues I had with shoes in my trucking company. So instead of having my own shoe store, I decided to create my shoe.

Zoe: What I love about your brand the most is that they are all-purpose boots and shoes – the kind you can wear at work and happy hour or to a soiree. These shoes, sneakers, and boots are great for so many occasions. Can you tell me about the inspiration for your collection?

Ed Hennings: The versatility, going from work hours to happy hours. A lot of guys don’t have time to go home and change from work. A lot get off the truck or the shop and they don’t have time to change. They want to mix and mingle right after work. My shoes offer that flexibility where you can get off the truck and mingle or even go to a meeting afterward and still uphold a professional yet stylish shoe attire. With my trucking company, I and my employees went to people’s homes (we specialized in furniture delivery). A lot of the available shoes were these big boots and it was always a concern working in people’s homes with these huge boots on. We wanted to make the customer more comfortable with nice shoes on and look more presentable.

Zoe: Are there any dream collaborations?

Ed Hennings: Most definitely. The people who cater to the urban community, the places where I am from. That’s my connections, that is where I mentor at. That is where I speak a lot. I have a deep soft spot for us, the urban community. Like I said, continue to build relationships that share that same vision and share the fight. I will always love to work with someone who shares in that same fight, share in that same vision.

Zoe: Have you given any thought to expanding into women’s footwear?

Ed Hennings: I have been receiving a lot more requests for a woman’s shoe, especially from where I am from. As the company expands and grows, I have a plan to give women their very own shoe, maybe even three. But as for right now, I am the new guy on the block, I have to build in my niches right now and from there we are going to build off of that.

Zoe: What’s next for you?

Ed Hennings: What’s next for me is to continue to build these relationships and push this brand as far as I can get it. To get Ed Henning to become a household name in the shoe industry.

Zoe: Where can we buy yours at?

Ed Hennings: That’s a great question. I’m going to start selling my shoes on Amazon on August 1 of this year. But you can buy my shoes at and you can purchase my shoe at the malls in Milwaukee. Stop by the Bayshore Mall.

You can keep up with Ed Hennings  on  Instagram

perfect shoes: Ed Henning co creates shoe for all occasions

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