Q & A with Fashion Designer and CEO of LiuSal “Antonio Stephens”

Q & A with Fashion Designer and CEO of LiuSal “Antonio Stephens”

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Q: Welcome to The Garnette Report it’s a pleasure to have you on here. First i would like to ask where are you from?

LiuSal: I’m from the Bronx.

 Q: What inspired you to start Liu Sal?

LiuSal: I was inspired by Ralph Lauren who is also from the Bronx and went to school 2 blocks away from where i grew up. It was an inspiration to see him create something global like Polo.

 Q: What do you consider the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a fashion designer and how were you able to overcome it?

LiuSal: The hardest part was building connections the right way and putting pieces to the puzzle so everything can work smoothly.

 Q: At what point did you know Liu Sal was going to be the next big thing?

LiuSal: I started my first clothing line in 2009 and i realized that i was ahead of the game. I knew from the start that i was going to make an impact.

Q: Is there one celebrity you would like to see wearing your clothes?

LiuSal: Someone i would love to represent my brand is 21 savage or  OG Maco.

Q: Do you see Liu Sal being in Fashion Week?

LiuSal: Yes definitely,  that is something that i am striving for.

Q: Do you see yourself doing more than Liu Sal?

LiuSal: Definitely, I wanna use my clothing line into a company something i can use as a stepping stone to inspire others to not only be fashion designers, but also to achieve their dreams.

Q: Do you feel the fashion industry has become  saturated and do you feel Liu Sal is going to break that barrier in the industry?

LiuSal: Deftinitely, everyone says the fashion industry is saturated and the one thing that is hard for people to do is be themselves. No one is trying to be original.

Q: Are there any celebrities that you are currently working with?

LiuSal: Ex football player Dale Moss, pop star Jay James, and a few more that are coming along the way.
Q: Would you ever go to schools to speak to students and give them advice about being a fashion designer?

LiuSal: I would definitely go to schools to tell them to follow their dreams, stick to their goals, and to let them know it’s not going to be easy.
Q: Where do you see Liu Sal in 2017?

LiuSal: I see Liu Sal being on everyone’s backs and moving internationally.

It was a pleasure having you on The Garnette Report. We love your clothing and looking for to seeing more from Liu Sal.

Check out www.liusalnyc.com to see more of Antonio’s work.




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