Unveiling Steve McCurry: A Cavalier Gallery Exhibit

Unveiling Steve McCurry: A Cavalier Gallery Exhibit

Famous American Photographer, Steve McCurry, will showcase his work at a Cavalier Gallery opening next month. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to view McCurry’s remarkable works. The Cavalier Gallery will present the opening of Steve McCurry at locations in both Chelsea and Greenwich and will open on February 8, continuing through March 9. 

Kickstarting his career as he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel territory, McCurry provided the world with some of the very first images to recognize the atrocities of the Russian invasion. 

Photo Credit: Steve McCurry (stevemccurry.com)
Camels and Oil Fields (1991)

Throughout his career, McCurry has traveled across all seven continents where he visited countries such as India, Cambodia, Iraq, and the Philippines. As a result, he was able to document the experiences of the world’s peoples through works of conflicts, early traditions, cultural differences, and more. 

McCurry is a recipient of multiple prestigious awards for his works, such as the Robert Capa Gold Medal and the Centenary Medal for Lifetime Achievement. Many of his photographs have also been featured on the cover of National Geographic and, in 2019, he was inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame.

McCurry highlights powerful political and cultural ideas in his photographs. He is most widely known for his artwork, The Afghan Girl, as his use of color and the human element creates an impactful image.

Photo Credit: Steve McCurry (stevemccurry.com)
Afghan Girl (1984)

At the Cavalier Gallery opening, you can view this piece of work and more by this iconic figure in contemporary photography.  

The Cavalier Galleries have four premier exhibition spots in New York, Greenwich, Nantucket, and Palm Beach where they offer incredible exhibits for every art-lover. The gallery highlights both world-renowned artists, as well as those who are mid-career and aims to provide an array of modes, styles, eras, and artists to their visitors. 

If you are unable to make it to the opening or want to browse the works and exhibitions of other collectors, visit the Cavalier Galleries website for more information: https://www.cavaliergalleries.com/.

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