Classical Mutation: Japanese Ceramic Art

Classic mutation

Classical Mutation: Japanese Ceramic Art

Classical Mutation

Classical Mutation unfolds at B-OWND, a division of Tanseisha, mesmerizing art enthusiasts with the extraordinary ceramic works of Takahiro Koga and Hiromine Nakamura.

. The exhibition ran from December 14 to January 14, 2024, at NowHere in New York City.

The collaboration between Koga and Nakamura transcended traditional boundaries, blending classical Japanese aesthetics with modern elements inspired by anime, sports, and fashion. The result was a collection of approximately 100 captivating artworks that embodied the essence of mutation, harmonizing technology, expression, tradition, and innovation.

Takahiro Koga, known for his concept of “NEO WABI-SABI,” seamlessly combined the simplicity of stillness and the vibrancy of motion in Japanese culture. His pieces reflected an admiration for imperfections, drawing inspiration from wabi-sabi and Zen aesthetics of the Sengoku era, while infusing elements of kabuki and samur

Hiromine Nakamura explored the fundamental connection between the crests and helmets worn by samurai from the Sengoku and Edo eras and modern branded merchandise. His art conceptualized a meeting of Edo-period doll making and contemporary fashion culture, bridging the role of sports stars and major brands in pop culture with that of samurai and their family crests. Nakamura’s work, such as “Immortal Flow,” sought to capture universal themes of strength and health.

In addition to the New York exhibition, B-OWND made its debut at SCOPE MIAMI BEACH 2023, presenting approximately 120 pieces of Takahiro Koga’s works. The showcase included the monumental “NEO MANEKINEKO,” specially created for this event. Visitors also enjoyed a live performance by the koto × EDM group TRiECHOES and a “NEO WABI-SABI” tea ceremony using Koga’s tea services in collaboration with TeaRoom.

Classic Mutation

B-OWND, an online market and art gallery in Tokyo, served as a platform connecting artists and buyers, aiming to represent the highest level of art expressing Japanese beauty. Works purchased through B-OWND came with a blockchain-based digital work certificate, ensuring a semi-permanent record of the transaction.

NowHere, the venue for the New York exhibition, was a multipurpose hub supporting Japanese creators in various disciplines. It strived to showcase emerging talent and provide a platform for artists to explore their potential while contributing fresh perspectives to the vibrant artistic landscape of New York.

For more information about the exhibition and artists, followers could visit B-OWND on Instagram. Media inquiries could have been directed to David Elkin (

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