The Future of Fashion Marks Fluidity

The Future of Fashion Marks Fluidity

The category is AUTHENTICITY, dare to be different! Meet the gender-fluid, queer fashion designer Lucas Circello, who is shifting the future of design. 

The New Jersey native embodies a variety of different skills through their journey of experimentation and curiosity. Realizing there is a drastic calling for gender-neutral apparel in the fashion world, Circello is on a mission to embark on change. 

Circello’s body of workplaces puts a huge emphasis on themes of self-identity, sociological paradigms, the contemporary world, and art movements. Recently, the designer graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with a BS in Fashion Design. Circello decided to expand his knowledge by going for his MS in both International Fashion Design Management and Entrepreneurship.

The Life of the Gender-Neutral Don

The hustle and ambition didn’t end with Circello expanding their education, they went on to gain new insight and connections through study abroad opportunities in Paris and Italy while at Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger. From this eye-opening experience, Circello was able to understand the importance of purposeful and dauntless approaches to design. 

The line between longevity and being unorthodox will forever motivate the designer to go harder!

The designer has many specializations that include apparel for women, men, children, gender-neutral and more. When in practice, Circello always makes sure to incorporate areas of his focus such as 3D Creative Technical, Design Technologies, Fashion Activism/Social Justice, Inclusive Design, and innovation. 

Given the background and experience of the upcoming designer it’s no surprise that they have been praised for notable accomplishments such as being the first place in Advanced Cad, an Old Navy x Jefferson 2019 finalist, designer for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women and receiving the Haus of Camp SS22 award.

The Haus of Camp Excellence award is by far one of the designer’s most inspiring works that they presented during the NYFW Future Fashion Graduate Showcase last year. This project is a perfect epitome of what it means to be free and true within one’s skin through euphoric hues, versatile designs, and more. 

The fashion don Lucas Circello stands proud and dedicated, hoping to change what it means to style and profile in a revolutionary way. 

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