Taylor Swift is Allegedly Working on a New Album

Taylor Swift is Allegedly Working on a New Album

Image via Mashable

According to an inside source, Taylor Swift is back in the studio working on her first album in two years. The source told The Sun that Swift is in Tennessee working on her “most experiential album yet.” Fans will be eager to know that the record is also her “most collaborative” yet, though it is still unclear who the collaborators are or when the record will drop. 

Other exciting hints about the record are sure to excite and make it worth looking forward to. The subject of the album, for instance, will focus on Swift’s budding relationship with Joe Alwyn. Swift is known as the master of heartbreak anthems, so seeing a new side of her will be a treat. “Her fans are used to hearing about her break-ups but her outlook on romance has changed since being with Joe and this will come through in the music,” mentioned the source. Swift and Alwyn have been together since 2016 but remained extremely private about their relationship. This album may be some of the only insight we get into their connection. 

As far as the sound of the record, Swift “recently invited some friends to write with her and the songs they came up with reminded her team of Stevie Nicks and Joan Armatrading.” With her lasy two records, Folklore and Evermore, sounding nothing like her classics, the new album may sound like a completely different Taylor again. The insider said, “Taylor is enjoying the process of tinkering with new sounds and is set to showcase a range of genres on her next album, which will surprise her fans.”

Swift’s last two records, Folklore and Evermore (2020), earned her two “Album of the Year” nominations at both the 63th and 64th Grammys.

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