Lauren Dreier Exhibition ‘Stripes, Strands, & Strings’

Lauren Dreier Exhibition ‘Stripes, Strands, & Strings’

Stripes, Strands, & Strings, debuted by interdisciplinary Designer and Visual Artist Lauren Dreier showcased 8 original designs made from both traditional and non-traditional materials.  The exhibition was an interweaving of conceptual design, abstract art and classical music fit for a discerned purveyor of eclectic artistic expression.  

A newcomer to the New York fashion scene, Lauren Dreier [] has “a diverse background spanning art, architecture, design and engineering. Her work explores the finite yet transformative nature of materials as a possible agent for mediation between disciplines. The exhibition used the motif of strands, stripes and striated forms to describe, explore and create volume, literally weaving together the exhibition’s many parts and materials.”


Plenty of inspiration comes to mind when gazing upon the intricacies of the collection. There are nods to the striated, 3-D effect traditionally used by Iris Van Herpen, structural elements akin to Comme des Garçons and even a hint of Amazonian-esque armor. The look is both futuristic and otherworldly…  but still sensual, showing vulnerability and secrets within each slit of leather.

Stripes, Strands, & Strings by Lauren Dreier – Presentation Images:


The Muse is adorned with minimalistic white accent lines, indicative of ritualistic tribal markings styles with unkempt locks, braids and twists. I personally love the use of multi-ethnic models, showing that strength and beauty can be found and bestowed upon all genders, colors and sizes.


To set a tone and mood, an original score: In seconds, then beats: for string quartet breathed life to the stark white space. The viewers became a part of this ominous atmosphere, an opportunity to admire each uniquely crafted detail while embracing the serenade of strings.

Dreier and Molly Germer on violin, Gerstmar on Viola and Thea Mesirow on cello.


There is a very small community of artisans that truly pour their heart and soul into their creations. The Garnette Report has the privilege to share this emerging talent. It’s a rare opportunity that we, as enthusiasts can bear witness to the complexities that lie within an artists’ psyche.

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Exhibition video + lookbook  photos | David Hans Cook, Laura Dreier & Jess Poulin PR

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