Jim Denevan’s Self Similar Exhibition

Jim Denevan’s Self Similar Exhibition

A grand site-specific land art work opened on Monday, November 2oth, to the public at Manar Abu-Dhabi. The term “Manar” meaning lighthouse. Moreover, Manar Abu-Dhabi is a public art initiative showcasing many immersive artworks by local and international artists. One of which is Self Similar by American artist, Jim Denevan.

Self Similar is a massive visual of “towering clouds, a breath of air, tiny grains of sand, tall mounds and mountains, wind, and weather systems drops and bodies of water, pyramids small and large.”

Aerial view of Jim Denevan’s Self Similar at night. Photo is by Lance Gerber.

Furthermore, Denevan’s new artwork is one of 35 site-specific artworks at Manar Abu-Dhabi and will maintain there through January 30, 2024.

The exhibit is located on the city’s Fahid Island. This is where city and desert circle the Arabian Sea. Denevan himself had began this art project with a single circle drawn in the sand with a stick. Then, the project grew to a scene that is grand and delicate. Although this land artwork is temporary, it presents a physical and symbolic appearance. For instance, it is set up in 19 circular rings and 448 pyramids and mounds which stretch out and rise in a mandala pattern. In other words, mandala is a geometric figure to represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

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