Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Opens New Lounge

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Opens New Lounge

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey recently opened anew bar called, The Bulleit Limitless Lounge. This lounge is multi sensory and immersive enough to cater to the music, art, and nature lovers. And of course, the cocktail lovers!

The new lounge has four video mapping scenes dedicated to the themes of nature, art, music, and imagination. Furthermore, the projective technology launches a physical space where the furniture, walls, and floor change. Guests are able to drink from a variety of selected drinks to complement the immersive bar experience.

Guests at the Bulleit Limitless Lounge. Image by the courtesy of Bulleit Frontier whiskey pr.


What’s more, the lounge has exciting visuals and digital designs by various media artists. Such as, renowned muralist duo, boogieREZ. Another is UnitedMasters musicians Bronze Whale. And creative design studio, Optical Animal, with special partnership with animator, Mike Perry.

The cocktail experience is another high point made by mixologist, Crystal Mendoza. Lastly, is a live performance by Oke Junior, a unitedMasters rapper.

The Nature Scene

Guests are taken to a space where a luminescent forest slowly grows in the surrounding. A lush green forest spreads around the guests, and a stream flows right through the middle of the experience. Alongside this, guests enjoy a sherry cobbler style cocktail. This has notes of nutty orange, served in a mushroom glass on a tray decorated with fake moss, leaves, and other elements of nature.

Image of The Nature Scene by the courtesy of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey pr.

The Imagination Scene

This next space takes guests inside the creative mind of Mike Perry. There are colorful abstract shapes and patterns that continuously change and restyle. Like melting lines and funky shapes coming together with matchless colors to create a trippy, yet new approach to art.

The matching drinks with this scene is a Bulleit bourbon-based carbonated cocktail. The fun add-ons to this drink are edible glitter and custom-engraved ice.

Image of the Imagination Scene by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey pr.

The Art Scene

In this third space, guests are invited to a richly layered audiovisual feast. To set the base, there is a background noise of spray paint cans. This sound increases as media artist, BoogieREZ’s graffiti fills the space. Paint rollers and brushes are additional sounds guests hear in the space. Even the voices of numerous artists talking about their artistic processes mix in with the ambience.

The Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye Whiskey are the complimentary cocktails with the Art Scene. And the glassware has edible spray paint influenced by Downtown L.A’s famous graffiti scene. Thus, this scene, along with the cocktails are both spirit-forward and split-based.

Image of The Art Scene by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey pr.

The Music Scene

This last interactive space begins as a single thread that bounces then wraps around the room. All while the background plays the song, “Good Enough” by United Masters artist, Bronze Whale. So as the song continues, the room changes into a wild outburst of colors and audio visuals which react with the music being played.

Mixologist Crystal Mendoza crafted a refreshing cocktail perfect for this scene. The glassware has a multi-colored light which lights up the added color to the drink’s crushed ice.

Image of The Music Scene by the courtesy of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey pr.

Why is Bulleit doing this?

The lounge is part of Bulleit’s Pioneer Project, which serves as a multi-year commitment to support and add to those who are inventing and things in different creative paths in culture. Such as, mixology, sustainability, food, art, and technology.

Featured Image of the Bulleit Limitless Lounge by the courtesy of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey pr.

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