Spirit Ghost to Release New Single “No Future” Aug. 26

Spirit Ghost to Release New Single “No Future” Aug. 26

Image via press release, artwork by Ishaq Fahim

Self-described surf-garage-pop-rock band Spirit Ghost, will release their new single “No Future” on Aug. 26.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Spirit Ghost operates out of Austin, Texas. The band is made up of frontman Alex Whitelaw, JB Bergin, Billy Hickey and Tim Zoidis. Spirit Ghost has a distinctive sound, landing on a modern take on the garage-surf-rock that surged in the 60s. Think something along the lines of a meeting among Cage the Elephant (circa the early years), Twin Peaks and Summer Salt. Their lyrics tackle everything from love, stress, death, family issues and loneliness. Yet Whitelaw, the band’s sole lyricist, manages to transform those heavy themes into songs that provoke the opposite effect.

Spirit Ghost’s music might make you think, but you’ll find yourself ready to kick back and take it all in while Whiteclaw sings lyrics like “No Future”‘s “I’ll stare straight ahead, won’t look around again…head hangs heavy now, it hangs there till the end.” Whitelaw wrote the song from the confines of a closet in a shared room during the beginning stages of the pandemic, documenting the feelings of despair and the sting of broken promises that accompanied that time.

“”No Future” is about the pessimism we all feel from time to time. It delves deep into the fear of feeling like no matter how hard you try for what you want, it still might not work out. It talks about this idea of maybe it would be better if I set my sights lower, if I didn’t dream as big,” Whitelaw said. “I think I always have these feelings that creep in, “What the hell am I doing? Why do I think I can do this in any capacity? I wrote all my good songs already so just hang it up now”. “I feel dumb and useless” pretty much sums up how I had been feeling about myself while writing this song.” 

“No Future” will be available on all streaming platforms August 26.

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