The Next Big Brand In Sustainable Fashion Is Here

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By Hailey Hinton

Known for their sustainable fashion and athleisure pieces, Lazy Hype is the next big thing when it comes to sustainable fashion. Whether you’re a gym junkie or loungewear connoisseur, they have it all.  

sustainable fashion

The recently launched brand offers comfortable lounge and activewear at an unbeatable price, and even more unbeatable ethics. Ranging from $10-$55, the collection includes shorts, sports bras, crews, tops, and tanks. They even have accessories like organic grocery bags and candles. 

sustainable fashion

All pieces are sourced ethically, made from recycled materials, and made in L.A. They even use all natural earth-derived dyes that come from fruits and vegetables (like blueberries, green tea, beets, spinach, and turmeric)  instead of harmful synthetic dyes. To top it all off, they even ship out in biodegradable packages. 

All pieces can be seen on their website here.


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