Collections Launch: Judy Zhang and Left Fig Spring/Summer 2022

Collections Launch: Judy Zhang and Left Fig Spring/Summer 2022

It is an exciting time for fashion with new 2022 collections being released. New collections by designer Judy Zhang and brand Left Fig celebrate the experimentation of elements and the emotions that can be provoked through design.

Judy Zhang took inspiration from the elements from different cultural worlds to emulate a unique emotion for the collection. Throughout the collection, hints from Roman and Greek mythology can be seen as well as Chinese inspiration, sought after because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Zhang also took inspiration and references from the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen because of her strength and courage as a powerful woman. Zhang highlights the symbol of women in her collections, taking the courageous aspect and creating an elegant feminist design to reflect both emotions.

In the SS22 collection, Zhang experiments with lace ties and drapery and combines the aesthetics with her print, inspired by Winterfell’s landscape from Game of Thrones. In doing so, she captures the light of hope dissolving the cold winter, representing hope after the battle against the Coronavirus. Furthermore, she emulates the goddess aesthetic and femininity with fluid and light dresses, feminine silhouettes, luxurious details including beads and rhinestone fringes. In addition to the femininity of the collection, the designer brings in the power of women by matching looks with more masculine-cut trousers and oversized jackets. The contrast between the strong lines of her pieces with the lace, silk satin, and tulle used she pays homage to Chinese haute couture and reflects a feminist character; sensual and delicate while also being courageous and independent ready to fight for what they believe in.

Following suit, Left Fig is a new brand founded in 2020 that focuses its designs on streetwear with a glam-punk soul. The brand aims to create a space similar to a laboratory with a creative team of young designers to encourage creative growth while generating ideas for new collections. The brand’s DNA evolves around denim in washes and cuts combined with bright and youthful colors to create a romantic dress with a cool character. Left Fig gets inspiration from urban subcultures and figurative art, as well as life in motion and youth. By grappling creatively with these and the ideas of peace and freedom, the brand aims to create warmth and inclusivity. Similar to Zhang, Left Fig also builds characters of the brand to show the glamour and egocentric nature of being a woman, with hints of rock and street style, emulating decisive femininity and power.

In the SS22 collection, the brand explores the effects of climate change and pollution that destroy Earth, preventing human settlement, leading to the integration of humanity with artificial intelligence. With this inspiration, the looks are quite spatial and futuristic with a focus on fluorescent colors and metallic materials for a very sci-fi aesthetic. The looks also lean towards rock and streetwear pieces with experimentation of denim, metals, ripped details, and applications. However, the collection also leans towards couture, with Chinese fashion inspiration, through the use of strong colors, fabrics, and different silhouettes and shapes. The looks are punk rock and spatial, but also elegant and sophisticated, to further the cool and youthful character of the brand.

It is always exciting to see new collections from various brands to see projected trends in couture, runway, and the integration with mainstream fashion.

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