BEYOND THE SURFACE Gets Deep with Actor and Comedian Lamorne Morris

BEYOND THE SURFACE Gets Deep with Actor and Comedian Lamorne Morris

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On February 10, episode 2 BEYOND THE SURFACE by Buttah Skin sits with special guest Lamorne Morris.

In honor of Black History Month, BEYOND THE SURFACE creates a safe space for Black comedian and actor Lamorne Morris.

Indeed many know Lamorne for his roles in 2011 sitcom, NEW GIRL and 2020 Tv series, WOKE. Significantly, Lamorne sat with BEYOND THE SURFACE executive producer and host Natalie Manuel Lee to elaborate more about his experience.

In this 30 minute interview Natalie and Lamorne get deep and personal. Lamorne authentically expresses the pressures of being the ‘token’ Black boy in a non diverse environment. But he finds himself standing in his integrity and faith along the way.

In addition he illuminates the growth experienced by the trials that arrived with being in Hollywood and with becoming a father in the pandemic.

The purpose of digital series BEYOND THE SURFACE is to capture the true beauty of Black creatives and changemakers.

The series helps examine and highlights the stories that have help shape their careers and lives.

Image from Buttah Skin

Founder of Buttah Skin, Dorion Renaud expresses to EBONY magazine that “It’s important for me to continue to uplift our voices and showcase the beauty behind our stories, especially during Black History Month, and in the current times in which we’re living.”

For more safe spaces this month, BEYOND THE SURFACE will continue streaming across all official Buttah Skin platforms on Thursdays.

Viewers can go on the, website and on their official Instagram @buttahskin to watch more.

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