What We Know About The New Stranger Things

What We Know About The New Stranger Things

After taking the world by storm in 2016, Stranger Things has continued to be Netflix’s most anticipated comeback every year since then. With three seasons already under its belt, the show’s story has taken us from mysterious vanishings to otherworldly dimensions, and it’s still not over. Just last week, Netflix released its latest trailer for the newest season and fans are picking it apart pixel by pixel. 

With three teasers now released and hinting at what’s to come, here’s everything we can deduce about the new “Stranger Things” season. 

1) Hopper is Still Alive

Following the aftermath of the third season’s finale, Chief Jim Hopper was largely believed to have been dead. Up until the show’s post-credit scene that saw a Russian prison guard asking for an inmate, but “not the American.” Hopper’s status has since then been confirmed with season four’s first teaser, “From Russia with Love,” that showcased him doing prison work in an icy tundra. The latest trailer further reveals Hopper battling in action-packed scenarios, possibly hinting at his escape from the prison, which won’t be easy considering a Demogorgon was trapped in the cell right next to him. 

2) Dr. Brenner is Back

After being mauled by the Demogorgon in season one, Dr. Brenner was confirmed to be dead. But, the release of season four’s second teaser, “Eleven, are you listening?,” revealed that Brenner will be making a reappearance this season. Whether it’s in the form of flashbacks or the present is still unconfirmed. All we do know is that we’re going to meet a lot more of the special kids that came before or after Eleven. And maybe even have our questions about them and Hawkins Lab answered. 

3) Time Travel Might be a Thing

Following the release of the second teaser, fans have been theorizing that season four will include time travel. The reason being that Eleven, Brenner, and the kids at Hawkins Lab should all be parts of the past. And time travel is a plausible way of explaining why we’re seeing them again. Apart from that, the marketing for season four has heavily relied on time, with ticking noises and disfigured clocks appearing in the season’s confirmation trailer. If that wasn’t enough, the latest trailer also showcased an ominous insert of a clock at an antique store. And season three wrapped up with consistent “Back to the Future” references. So a time travel arc isn’t too far-fetched, and fits the show’s sci-fi unfolding. Maybe time travel will even help Eleven get her powers back, and answer all our questions about what the Upside Down actually is

4) It’s Coming Out in 2022

With the pandemic delaying filming, season four is now slated for a 2022 release. News that disappointed fans that had been eagerly waiting for more Stranger Things since 2019. But, the show’s creators did share that “Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet,” so, in our opinion, it’s worth the wait. 

Although most of season four’s plot is still a mystery, what we do know about it paves way for the show’s best arc so far. If time travel is happening, then the new Stranger Things is definitely one you can’t miss. 

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