Join the World’s Cutest Adventurers with Mr. Pokee

Join the World’s Cutest Adventurers with Mr. Pokee

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In the age of quarantine there are many Instagram accounts that have defied the odds and continued to make fantastical posts about the world we live in. Trying to navigate the current climate of the world can be difficult, and it can take away from one’s ability to navigate mountainsides and enjoy lakefronts. Among the cutest adventurers on Instagram right now are Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the cat, a part of the account @mr.pokee

Started and run by Talitha Girnus, the account once focused around the hedgehog Mr. Pokee. In its essence, the account saw Pokee relaxing all cool in front of beautiful backdrops, snuggled up in fluffy sheets, and almost always smiling. Now, over a year after Pokee’s passing the account sees a focus on the aforementioned Herbee and Audree. 

Although Herbee and Audree travel all around the world, some of their most recent adventures have seen them in places such as Australia and Germany. Posts on @mr.pokee sometimes include interactive challenges (like spot Herbee!), giveaways, and fun prompts. The warm and welcoming nature of Mr. Pokee’s posts is a great start to anyone’s day and an awesome addition to all feeds. 

In addition to the main account, there is a secondary one called where presets are sold and a look behind the scenes is given. A link to Mr. Pokee’s website also provides a way to find the presets plus some cute hedgehog themed masks, postcards, and magnets. Beyond just brightening up everybody’s feed, buying a preset can help turn average looking posts into stunning ones like Pokee’s.  

In the age of quarantine and a time where social media is often labeled as toxic, it is nice to see that the Mr. Pokee Instagram account is taking strides to offer a wholesome and warm footprint on everyone’s feeds. Each person has a choice in what sorts of media they choose to view when utilizing their phones, so why not take a minute everyday to enjoy Herbee and Audree’s adventures?

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Main Account: @Mr.Pokee

Secondary Account:

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