Follow a Normal Girl Living Out Her Best Adventures

Follow a Normal Girl Living Out Her Best Adventures

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Liz Carlson describes herself as, “that cliche ‘ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey’ if one is allowed to say her own life is extraordinary at 31.” The @youngadventuress Instagram page is run by the aforementioned Liz Carlson, who has been travel blogging for the past ten years. Her work is worth touching on and looking into if you’re an upcoming travel writer, or are looking to fill your feed with the aesthetic of wonder and adventure.

Liz documents much of her life and journey on her website,, but in short, she was raised in the US but now resides in New Zealand. Famous for its diversity, New Zealand is sometimes referred to as “the world within the world”.  Between the northern and southern islands, an adventurer can go from thrilling glaciers, to glowing caves, to volcanic mountains. Liz’s Instagram really highlights the beauty and special places that New Zealand has to offer. It is a must-follow for anyone looking to fill their feed with adventure through the goggles of a travel-veteran.

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On Liz’s website, there’s all sorts of articles that make for a diverse repertoire. There’s everything from Top 10 Hate Comments to How to Move to New Zealand and How to Swear Like a Spaniard. As an aspiring travel writer, going through Liz’s website is a goldmine for concepts and tricks to add to your toolbox. Even as someone who enjoys writing in general, Liz always finds fun ways to spice up her content, and it is worth learning a thing or two from her style. 

Definitely put Youngadventuress on your radar if you want to keep up to date with a well traveled adventurer who puts her passion into everything she does. 

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Instagram: @youngadventuress


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