Join Trafam for a Slovakian Take on Travel

Join Trafam for a Slovakian Take on Travel

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Anna Onderkova is a Slovakian travel blogger who has a heart for the unexplored islands and places untouched by tourism. According to her, she has, “traveled to about 50 countries on 5 continents, almost 40 islands, [and] visited more than 30 world capitals.” Her Instagram, @anna.onderkova is currently at 6,308 followers, but she clearly has a lot of experience under her belt. In 2015 she was named the “3rd 🇸🇰Blogger of the Year” and in 2017, the “5th 🇸🇰Blogger of the Year”. After coming across Onderkova, it was clear that her Instagram was up and coming and could use more attention, despite her formidable skill and her seasoned lifestyle of travel. 

On Onderkova’s website there are articles about everywhere from Jerusalem to Amsterdam to Tokyo. The great aspect of her articles tends to be how long and in depth they are. Onderkova talks about her journey step by step and takes time to highlight the different components of her trips. Often, those different aspects of her journeys lead to interesting tangents that explain the history, culture, and essence of where she is visiting. I recommend her article Japan: A Land of Dear Wonders as a great example of what her articles have to offer. Each of her sections in the article are like small stories within the greater collection of her time in Japan, and she really does a good job highlighting their ability to pioneer new trends and styles. 

Onderkova’s Instagram is a diverse page that conveys who she is and what she’s about. Her posts generally follow her around wherever she currently is, but sometimes she’ll post about past trips or post for Instagram trends. Though her website is definitely worth checking out, it is clear from her Instagram that she has a curious passion for the world. She is someone who is goal-oriented, and has places she wants to go for specific reasons. Onderkova shows no signs of slowing her roll on her passion for travel, and that makes her a great blogger to add to your feed.

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Instagram: @anna.onderkova


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