Soheila Hakimi Has The Passion for Fashion

Soheila Hakimi Has The Passion for Fashion

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Soheila Hakimi is a lifestyle-blogging travel writer from Toronto. Canada who runs the Instagram account @isthatsoh. She currently has 28k followers and is growing. Although Hakimi is making a name for herself, she didn’t start out as someone who wanted to write for travel. 

According to Hakimi on her website, she studied Fashion in both Toronto and Milan, hoping to someday become a designer. She landed a job with Greta Constantine and spent two years creating her own line before eventually feeling burned out. Trying her hand at being a fashion buyer, Hakimi still had trouble finding settled despite a steady paycheck; she wanted adventure. Mixing her love of fashion, travel, and blogging, she decided that she could spend more time creating, and so she did.

Hakimi’s website offers main sections about her travels, food and drink, fashion and beauty, and lifestyle. The different pages are filled with videos and articles pertaining to her particular passions and they offer opinions, fun stories, and even tutorials. It is definitely worth checking out for a healthy snack, like this cloud bread (gluten free & keto friendly) recipe, or this brightening turmeric face mask tutorial. In addition to all this, Hakimi’s weekly podcast, @isthatohpodcast, is also located on her website and touches on mental health, relationships, and healing. 

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Hakimi’s Instagram focuses on travel, style, beauty, and mental health. She often posts her latest outfits, what she’s eating, or where she’s been. If one thing is for sure, she keeps it trendy and always has something impressive on her plate. Hakimi offers a link to her website called “Shop My Instagram” which allows followers to find what she is wearing and where it is from. Her links are super interactive and useful to those who share her taste for fashion. Hakimi is clearly dedicated to what she loves, and a great addition to anyone’s Instagram feed is they’re in need of some fashion tips and delicious dishes. 

(Everything pictured here is sourced from below, from Soheila)

Instagram:  @isthatsoh


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