Europe’s Lockdown, Travel Vlogs, & UnJaded Jade

Europe’s Lockdown, Travel Vlogs, & UnJaded Jade

Europe has begun its second mass lockdown, with Ireland initiating theirs about two weeks ago and places like the UK and Germany following suit. During such unprecedented times as the current Covid-19 landscape, it is difficult to see where travel might fit into the average person’s life. Taking a peek into the travel culture, more specifically the European side of it, a really popular personality is Jade of @UnJadedJade on Instagram. 

Jade is a 20 year old Brit who has based her YouTube channel and Instagram around her travels. Last year, Jade traveled to San Francisco to attend the Minerva Schools at KGI. The Minerva school focuses on four years of global cultural immersion, built from an international community that allows for multidimensional learning. Set to study in Seoul, South Korea this September, Jade had to pan her plans back toward Europe in lieu of the coronavirus outbreak. She now resides in Berlin, Germany, and her education and travel blog has taken an unexpectedly new direction. 

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Jade described love at first sight when she landed in Berlin and spent her initial days there, but since then the world has changed again. In her most recent Instagram post Jade talks about the new mini-lockdown after a few months of careful fun in Berlin. Jade’s whole message is of optimism, realism, and growth, and in times like these those aspects of life are extremely important. It is clear through Jade’s current experience that her travels and studies are being limited, but it’s all about the way she and others can counteract the current state of the world to still thrive. 

For a more in depth look at Jade’s life, her YouTube is filled with delightful vlogs that inspire with her honest takes on how her day to day life is transpiring. With the experience of her past travels in hand, Jade continues to find ways to have fun in Berlin despite the virus. It’s worth following Jade as the end of the year approaches and Europe’s lockdown proceeds. She is a great personality who often drops knowledge of her craft throughout her videos, and will be an insightful lens into the daily life of a traveling student in the coronavirus world. 

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