The Rich and Famous Continue to Party Amidst the Pandemic

The Rich and Famous Continue to Party Amidst the Pandemic

All over social media throughout the pandemic, there has been an outpour of support and encouragement from celebrities on ways to get through COVID-19. Some messages have missed the mark, while others seem to be coming from a compassionate place. Regardless of whether you think, celebrities should or shouldn’t be weighing in on a virus that seemingly attacks low-income areas more often than the rich, it’s hard to miss the constant tweets, posts, and shares that celebrities are sending out to their followers. What is even harder to miss to the contradictory things that certain celebrities are indulging in as the aches of COVID-19 quarantines begin to settle in. These things are usually so out of reach to regular people, like shipping you, your family, and friends to an exotic island because the pressure of COVID-19 is too much. This is what the Kardashians participated in just a few weeks ago.

Kim Kardashian sent out this tweet, which was the center of immediate backlash:


And as the responses came flooding in, Kardashian quickly backtracked with this tweet:


According to CNN, “And the star also received a share of more direct criticism for organizing the getaway at a time when many governments are organizing against non-essential travel, and as the economic impact of the pandemic causes millions to be put under financial pressure.” But more directly, received responses like this one mentioned in the same article, “’Happy birthday. I hope someone got you an alphabet book as a gift, so you can learn to read the room,” actor and podcaster Kelechi Okafor wrote in a widely shared response to Kardashian West’s thread.’”

About a week after this debacle, her sister Kendall Jenner posted all over her social media to celebrate both her birthday and Halloween. In both cases, they assured followers that they were taking proper health measures, but for many, it’s the fact that they have the luxury of access to tests, and so forth to throw parties. Some aren’t that fortunate especially those in low-income areas. And while I don’t mean to solely call out the Kardashians for partying amidst a pandemic, many perpetrators fit this crime. Among these celebrities are Youtuber Tana Mongeau, Singer Noah Cyrus, Youtuber Jake Paul, The Weeknd, and so on.

So, while many have shared their posts about partying in a pandemic, whether they are using safety measures or not, definitely need to take a moment and think before they post. Not everyone is as fortunate to escape quarantine or get tested as much as they might, so flaunting in the face of their fans seems a tad tacky. But, on the bright side, we do have celebrities quarantined and sharing their stories with their followers that don’t involve outlandish parties or lavish circumstances. So, here’s to the celebrities who aren’t throwing their money in everyone’s face during a global pandemic.

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