Nine Statistics To Look Out For When Horserace-Betting.

Nine Statistics To Look Out For When Horserace-Betting.

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You’ll likely get frustrated without the right horse racing tips when it comes to backing a horse with your hard-earned money. We know there are no guarantees in betting; you’ll do well to stay away for an inside-pub “sure bets.” If you want to increase your chances of getting returns for your next bets, you should do it by the numbers. Here are nine statistics to look out for when horserace-betting.


  1. Trainer form

Yes, bloodline is a huge determinant in a horse’s speed and stamina, but trust us, some trainers know what they are doing. If you notice a trainer’s horse has consecutively won races, don’t be quick to ignore it. On the other hand, a 0-30 trainer record in the last fortnight might not be a good idea for backing.


  1. Jockey/trainer combination statistics.

It’s not uncommon to find trainers who enlist jockeys to take their horse to the racecourse. Check if a trainer/jockey combination has delivered impressive results over the past 60 days. A winning percentage above 25% is not a number you want to ignore.


  1. Statistics on the average winning distance

If a horse is conquering some impressive distances, check out the horse’s sire/dam history, i.e., it may be bred for such performance. A progeny from a sire with an average winning distance between over 7 to 7.4 furlongs will likely excel in different distances. What’s more, a stallion with an average winning distance of over 7.5 furlongs will likely have stamina and impart such trait onto its progeny.


  1. Top earning trainers.

In 2019, United States’ top trainers’ horses came in first, second, or third around 53 percent of the time. You should back a trainer with a 60% record.


  1. The horse’s course record

If a horse you are interested in has a ‘C’ besides its name, it means the horse has won the course previously; that’s a good pointer to back the horse. Even more, If the horse has CD beside its name, it has won both over course and distance, which is even more impressive.


  1. The course record (for trainer)

Look out for trainers with multiple runners at the course, and check their record. What’s more, trainers have their preferred racecourses. So, it a good idea to investigate where a trainer shines over the pay few years.


  1. Betting

Another statistic you should look at is your horse outing status. Has your horse of interest started a race as a favorite lately? If your horse gets backing from people, that’s because they think it can win.


  1. The jokey’s course record

Similar to trainers, jockeys can have preferred tracks too. This information is key. So, check out the number of times a jokey has conquered a track. If the jockey has an impressive record and is also on your horse of interest, that’s a double-pointer.


  1. Race Class

The class of the race coming up is another important stat. Compare it to other races your horse of interest has run before. Also, check if the horse dropping a class or running in the same class it ran previously.

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