Female Athletes’ Cheat Meals

Female Athletes’ Cheat Meals

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Simone Biles

While the Olympic Gymnast usually has a strict diet consisting of lots of veggies and some form of protein, her favorite meal outside the gym is a little different. Biles likes to go for pizza, cake or ice cream. She’s not too fussy about where the pizza is coming from, as she knows it’s a food that can easily be delivered. Biles does claim to like Pizza Hut or a nice Chicago deep dish.

Megan Rapinoe

It’s either chicken or fish on her plate with a nice side of veggies and a carb. Rapinoe is very vocal about her love for sweet potatoes, but like everyone, she has a weak spot for one of her favorite meals. Specifically, Greek bison burgers, which are actually a healthier alternative from normal ground beef. The bison burgers are lower in fat and calories, so the meat is soft and tender. Just don’t forget her side of sweet potato fries that go with it.

Naomi Osaka

When she is training up for her matches, Osaka eats what she calls a pretty bland meal of boiled chicken and broccoli. She likes to drink a lot of juices or smoothies before and after workouts. However, for a fun cheat meal, Osaka usually craves some type of ice cream. Whether its green tea or just plain vanilla after a win, this is her go-to. Although she has stated soul food and sushi are some of her favorite meals to eat.

Chloe Kim

It doesn’t seem like the Olympic skier has much of a strict diet she follows during training time. Kim tweets and posts on Instagram a lot about what she’s craving or eating. These meals can stem from pizza, sushi, ice cream, or burgers, really whatever she feels like eating at the moment. Even saying “I eat whatever I crave; that’s who I am!” 

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