Rag Report, Kyra Media’s First Fashion Publication

Rag Report, Kyra Media’s First Fashion Publication

Differently from other generations, Gen Z has a unique soft and strong spot that makes it much more vulnerable and solid compared to older generations. Kyra Media has foreseen this spot and started working on elevating it, through the launch of a new TikTok-first fashion publication, called Rag Report.
Every day, Rag Report produces and publishes highly engaging visual content on Tik Tok and on Instagram too. The page encourages young people to see fashion as a vehicle for creativity, expression, and communication. In two months, the page has reached 313.7K followers on Tik Tok. Their engagement is concrete, with an average of 200 comments under each video.

James Cadwallader, co-founder and CCO at Kyra Media, answered our questions by sharing the wonderful inputs and impression that the last generation is serving.


Gen Z is such a dynamic generation that makes both communication and mass media very interesting subjects. How were you able to target this specific audience and what attracted you most to this generation?

I truly believe that this generation (Gen Z) is the most intelligent, optimistic, and forward-thinking cohort of human beings that has ever existed. Powered by the internet, they have the power to accelerate the evolution of our species in a meaningful and sustainable way that past generations could only dream of. We started Kyra Media 4 years ago with a mission to inspire, entertain and bring joy to young people… Gen-Z has always been our focus.

2. As much as inclusive and diverse the fashion industry is trying to be, there are still some steps that must be taken in order to achieve an ideal balance and representation. What are your thoughts on this matter? How can you make these changes through your platform, clients, and content creators?

The fashion industry has a long way to go, but I do feel that it is (mostly) going in the right direction. We have seen a significant change in the past 12 months alone when it comes to brands taking diversity and inclusion much more seriously. It is the responsibility of Kyra Media to push our clients, our audience, and our partners to really think about DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) when it comes to all aspects of fashion and style.

3. What’s the thing you think the next generation should focus on in fashion? 

I think any brands that are not paying attention to climate change and sustainability will find it harder and harder to exist, as it becomes a more prominent topic every day with Gen-Z.

The young people of today expect a level of responsibility from big brands and truly value brands that go the extra mile to do good and make a positive difference.

4. Building a media company requires time and money, but also an accountability group made of reliable partners. Where did you find these resources, especially the people you could trust to initiate this plan?

We are so lucky to have attracted such an incredible team at Kyra Media. The people behind the scenes work so hard and are truly passionate about quality storytelling. We have a team of unrivaled experts working across London, New York, and LA – I honestly believe they are some of the best in the world when it comes to creating content for Gen-Z. We are very good at identifying talented people and then empowering them to make decisions and drive the business forward.

5. “Show and tell” or “Tell and show”? Your Tik Tok videos are an ensemble of stories and visuals. How would you define your approach to social media? Do you attract more attention with images or with your words (storytelling techniques)?

For nearly a decade we had been consuming content with audio off on Facebook and Instagram, so it was refreshing to be able to try a new style of storytelling when it came to TikTok that by default is an audio-on experience.

In terms of what is more important out of visual or audio, I would probably pose that it is a pretty even balance – perhaps audio even slightly taking an edge over visual! You would be surprised about how much we consume through our ears!

6. Is Tik Tok the one and only digital platform you’re planning to work on? Have you thought to build your own app? 

Right now we are laser-focused on TikTok as this is where our audience lives and we want to ensure our content is as close to our audience as possible. To try and migrate an existing audience to a new platform is like swimming upstream and not something we are thinking about at the moment. I’m sure over time, more social platforms will emerge and we are paying close attention to see what’s next!

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