Mooski Drops Video For Viral TikTok Song “Track Star”

Still of Mooski in Track Star music video

Mooski Drops Video For Viral TikTok Song “Track Star”

Music artist and recent viral TikTok sensation, Mooski, just released a video for the song that has skyrocketed to the top of the charts, “Track Star.” Released under Capital Records, the video made its debut via YouTube on the early afternoon of April 7. “Track Star” also features another up and coming music artist, Coi Leray, as its leading lady. With the broadcasting of this long awaited video, Mooski has given his supporters what they’ve been wanting and will continue to do so with his future songs.

The song first became popular when it was used in a TikTok by user City Boy J. He used the song in the background of his TikTok, created a dance that was easy enough for others to catch on to, thus, the widely popular “Track Star challenge” was born.

In “Track Star” Mooski sings about the difficulties he is experiencing with trying to gain the affection and attention of a girl he likes. He is putting his feelings all out on the line, but she isn’t ready for a serious commitment and keeps pulling away from Mooski because of it.

In the video, which currently has more than 1.1 million views on YouTube, Mooski spends his time trying to pursue his leading lady, who is played by Coi Leray. Directed by BENMARC, this video directly reflects the lyrics of the song and highlights the highs and lows that come with trying to gain the affection of someone who isn’t ready to be tied down.

The Alabama native has soared into stardome very quickly due to one TikTok. The power of social media is truly wonderful and the young artist has certainly taken advantage of this newfound fame. While it certainly has its perks, to remain in his spot, he has to keep putting in the hard work, and it is evident that he has by watching his new video.

To keep up with Mooski and all of his future releases, you can follow him on Spotify, Apple Music and on YouTube.


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