ClubHouse Gives Fashion a Vocal and Digital Space To Express Itself

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The audio-oriented social media app is providing a fresh digital space to the fashion industry. Fashion journalist Pam Boy shares his thoughts on ClubHouse with The Garnette Report.

It took nine months for Paul Davison and Rohan Seth to build an empire with their hands and fingertips. ClubHouse is a social media app that looks like LinkedIn but also like Twitter. Some say that it’s like a podcast that never ends or a radio with different channels. No matter what people think is it, ClubHouse has been taking over the digital media world for quite a long time now and touched many industries, including fashion.

Pierre A. M’PELE, known also as PAM BOY, is one of the many social media influencers who got into the app. Based between Paris and London, Pierre is the Editor-In-Chief of Perfect Magazine. In addition to his editorial work as a writer and commentator, Pierre’s work in the fashion industry has covered roles as a creative director, influencer, and podcaster.

PAM BOY from his Instagram profile @pam_boy ClubHouse
PAM BOY from his Instagram profile @pam_boy

Pierre shares his thoughts on the current state of fashion and how a social media app like ClubHouse can help and enhance the conversations within the industry.

  • How are you liking ClubHouse? First thoughts on the app? What kind of future do you see for it?

I think ClubHouse is a real social media app. It’s a space where people can listen to each other, and that’s very important. Listening and learning from each other online is great, and ClubHouse offers the perfect tools for conversations to happen. The app is less intuitive than visual-based social media platforms, but it’s easy to grasp its features. ClubHouse has a bright future in my opinion, people are seeking real connections with human beings online, and as long as ClubHouse focuses on that aspect of its offer, I have no doubt it will become even more successful. 
  • How can fashion be discursive and find its own space in a vocal and digital space?

Fashion permeates society, so it’s rather easy for it to find its own space in a vocal and digital space. Discussing fashion is discussing society at large, so it happens naturally in my opinion. 

  • What’s the future in fashion according to you?

More sustainability, less greenwashing. More diversity and inclusion as values rather than symbols. A new consumption culture that rejects mindless consumerism and overproduction. All that should and will be the future of fashion.

  • Do you have any suggestions for the young and aspiring fashion journalists and designers out there approaching clubhouse or social media for their very first time? What are some of the social media etiquette tips you can mention?

Be authentic. That’s the only way that people will stop and listen to what you have to say. Also, it’s important to know your facts and challenge your own beliefs. There is no recipe that I’m aware of, to be honest, everything I do is either a gut reaction or the outcome of a thorough reflection.
  • How can we most enjoy and take advantage of the current state of fashion, especially after a tough year like 2020?

2020 has been a complicated year. When the global Covid-19 crisis is over, we should all remember the conversations we’ve had throughout those difficult times. Being disruptive is important too, to challenge the status quo and established structures. But most important is to start having fun again with fashion because even if it is the materialization of the zeitgeist, it also is a great way to escape the grim reality of the world.


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ClubHouse Gives Fashion a Vocal and Digital Space To Express Itself