Faux Real’s Elliot and Virgile Arndt X Maison Smalto in Paris

Faux Real’s Elliot and Virgile Arndt X Maison Smalto in Paris

There hasn’t been much flexibility in terms of locations and physical experience during this last Parisian Fashion Week, but 2021 has brought a high number of digital spaces to the fashion industry and its most creative masters. Maison Smalto was one of the most prominent companies that embodied the sentiments and the dynamics of an industry and society still immersed in an uncertain and somber climate. On January 23 the French brand released its new Menswear Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection.


Backstage Set Pictures by Gregoire Avenel


Maison Smalto is known for its multimedia combination between sounds and visuals, static and vibrant moves the same time, giving the audience a fresh view of the styles the brand has.


Maison Smalto Fall/Winter 2021-2022


The protagonist of the French fashion house’s event was Franco-American duo Faux Real, composed by Elliot and Virgile Arndt. The two brothers shared the stage and performed their song “Kindred Spirit”, while dancing and showcasing the brand’s pieces.

The pieces resembles both Faux Real’s and Smalto’s philosophies: dynamic comfort as a service to the masculine audience, lean and minimal in their stylish choices. The music video, that played as the main event of the fashion show, has a its own plot and storytelling component. It presents a duo of night owls just escaped from a Swinging London club, wearing a royal blue suit over a silk shirt and a vest worn next to the skin, before finding them again a little later, an emblematic red carnation on the lapel of their collar.



Under the artistic direction of Pam Boy, the two brothers delivered a coincise performance with more than 25 looks in their wardrobe. The color palette varies from black to pink. It tends to maintain an obscure and enigmatic hue throughout the presentation, but there sporadic appearances of bright and uniform colors that light up the whole ensemble.



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