Nadia Mejia X Hypeach Edit: a fresh fashion breeze from Southern California

Nadia Mejia for Hypeach in denim

Nadia Mejia X Hypeach Edit: a fresh fashion breeze from Southern California

Besides the various fashion events and shows happening in the European scene, January 2021 has brought us a variety of global collaborations and fresh starts in the business side of fashion. With over 2 billion of digital buyers (Source), consumers are appreciating more upcoming small-medium online stores and purchasing from them. One of these fashion brands is Hypeach, a wife-and-husband-owned business.

The Southern Californian digital fashion brand has made its official collaboration debut with Nadia Mejia on January 19, a bright and upbeat project specifically designed for a Get Z and Millennial audience. This project has brought up many fresh faces and personalities, including Nadia’s one.

Nadia Mejia, former Miss USA 2016, is a 25-year-old Ecuadorian-American model. She’s been in the game for over than 10 years, while modeling and shadowing her father’s musical legacy, the Latin rap sensation Gerardo Mejia.

Nadia is beautiful inside and out,” said Hypeach co-founders Marlo and Brian Hovis. “She embodies Hypeach’s spirit and mission to serve as a force for good. We are proud to partner with a multi-talented Latina who is passionate about serving as a role model and inspiring others through authenticity and positivity.”

Nadia’s edit has five sections (from day to night) from which buyers can select the genre of their purchase and seek the exact vibes they’re looking for.

The collection includes mix & match Hypeach Active & Loungewear pieces ($25-$55), a Beachside Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie ($49) with matching Joggers ($49), Flying Monkey denim ($48), sexy and sophisticated date night looks, fresh shoes ($56) and accessories.

With The Garnette Report, Nadia shares her thoughts on this latest project and the gifts she brings on the table and in the fashion world.

  • What’s the role of fashion in a young person’s life?

Fashion plays such a fun role in the lives of young people because it is a way of expressing yourself. I have always lived by the saying “Dressed how you want to be addressed!” You don’t have to wear designer pieces to be “relevant” or “cool” whatsoever. I have found favorite pieces in my closet from thrifting for $5! Fashion should never be based on the designer on the tag, but how the clothing makes you feel.

Nadia Mejia for Hypeach pjs

Nadia in Pijama set All Day Crop Top Grey ($32)

  • Who’s your fashion icon and inspiration? 

MY MOTHER AND FATHER! My mom was a model from the 90’s and the eclectic vintage pieces and cowboy boots in her closet are to die for. My dad was a One hit wonder in the 90’s, known as Rico Suave, and has a collection of leather jackets that I will pass on to my children. I have always looked up to my parents as role models in fashion, but mostly, their amazing hearts.


Nadia in Olive Open Back Long Sleeve Top ($35)


  • How would you describe Hypeach as a brand in five words?

Quality. California Fresh. Sexy. Giving. (They donate their profit to Global Girl Media.) Comfort but make it CUTE.

Nadia Mejia for Hypeach in denim

Nadia in Flying Monkey Denim ($48)



  • Considering your brand and the dreams you want to achieve, what kind of relationship do you want to establish with fashion? (Do you you have a preferance towards West Coast collaborations, European fashion houses, etc.? Would you like in the future to explore other ventures in fashion, besides modeling?)

I would love to continue collaborating with Hypeach on their Edits because I truly believe in the brand. Fashion is all new to me because as a model, I have always been the human mannequin – not the creative. If I am talking big dreams, I would love to one day design my own custom cowboy boots. My mom is a Lebanese Kentucky Queen and with my Dad’s rockstar style, I have visions for some insane shoes.


Nadia Mejia in Black Pants

Nadia in Diamond Girl Sexy Black Pants ($58)


  • Hypeach reflects the warm and sunny Californian vibes. What’s something unique from this brand that you like?

Being a model with a lot of fast fashion brands, I was genuinely shocked at how amazing the quality of each piece from Hypeach was. Their crop tops are the perfect sexy basics, their activewear is so form fitting providing amazing support for all sizes, and their cozies….are the coziest ever. You cannot go wrong with any piece from their collection. And your purchases give back to a charitable cause which is the ultimate selling point for me.


Nadia in Blue Cordoroy Jacket ($58)


  • When you think of fashion and your wardrobe what comes in your mind? (Do you have an item you can’t wait to have or purchase soon? Or a go-to piece you can’t take your eyes off?)

I love every type of boyfriend jean, vintage harley t’s or crops that show my stomach CUZ I WORK HARD FOR DEM ABS lol, leather jackets galore, and a wild shoe collection. I strive for comfort but making it show my edgy personality. I know this is bougie…but Balmain has the most iconic cropped single breasted blazer that I have been eyeing on FarFetch. I may just have to splurge as I finish typing this!

Nadia in Camo Sports Bra ($42)


Nadia’s focus is on becoming a role model to a young girls and sharing an inclusive message on how to love and be comfortable in your own skin and body. She can be found on Instagram at @nadia_mejia.

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